Contrails & Special Shapes


Today was the special shapes rodeo. I did not see as many special shapes as in years past. Many of them barely rose above the trees and then went back down.

All the contrails for the morning jets.

Clouds are best at making special shapes.


52 thoughts on “Contrails & Special Shapes

  1. What a beautiful collection of colors and shapes! It’s amazing how large some of the balloons are compared to the tiny little basket hanging below them. Also, beautiful colors and shapes in the clouds.

  2. What an extraordinary event, Tim. There is so much creativity in our world, which is a great comfort to me. Your posts always always always give a lift to my day.

    • It is extraordinary. I’m always happy to bring a little extra brightness and color to your day. They you for the wonderful comment, Rebecca. I appreciate it.

  3. It’s so amazing to see so many different and beautiful balloons. I can imagine it must be very difficult to get such special structures up in the air…

    • Hi Herman. These are like any other balloon as far as getting them inflated and airborne. The really huge special shape balloons take a lot more effort to get them airborne, but a lot more effort to get them down as they need much more space to land and deflate than the smaller balloons.

  4. Clouds are THE best at special shapes and this one is incredibly beautiful. That said, I love the dragon balloon!!! Wow skies (it’s the painters favorite season!)!

  5. Wow; the sunset is really something! Looks like a modern art. The dawn looks like a wonderful, idyllic painting. May I say, those balloons are the cutest things I’ve seen all day! 😍 Just loooove looooove looooove them! Wish I could fly in one. The sky is an exquisite blue! How amazing! The balloons flying make my spirit soar 💕

    • You need to plan a visit to the balloon fiesta some October and let your spirit soar in person. You would love it. Thanks, Sam.

      • I will most certainly love it! 😍 I’ll wait till I can afford it 😂 My mom was taking a tour in the US before covid began. She took what looked like a “toy flight” from one state to another and that left her almost penniless. This never happened to us in any European or Asian country where the currency is even more powerful than the US dollar. We could get by with the money we took and shop generously while traveling around a lot. Plz make your country less expensive for us humble travellers 😂 Well, can’t complain much about that when basic healthcare itself costs a lot for you. 🙁 Besides, she said our “smaller flights” in India are bigger (and don’t leave you bankrupt 😅). Sorry for the rant. This looks super exciting and I badly wanna visit.

      • If your destination is not on a hub, the prices are out rageious. She probably could have had a reasonably proceed flight to fly halfway across the country and have long layovers on her way to her destination. For shorter trips, it’s better to rent a car or take a bus.

  6. My goodness! So many up at once! Looked like a traffic jam (the best kind). The clouds are magnificent as well.
    Happy Friday, Tim!

  7. The balloons are certainly colorful and in quite a variety in shapes. The sky images are very beautiful. I love that golden cloud monster who looks like he has just conjured up something out of the mass below.

  8. The second last cloud pic is gorgeous.
    The last one is special. It’s perfect for Hallowe’en!
    LOVE the 2 faced Jester!!!

    • The two face jester is really nice and made me think of some you the murals you find. Thanks, Resa.

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