78 thoughts on “Coordinated

    • It was a real coincidence. I couldn’t tell what the colors on the jet were or which airline it was until I processed the image. Thanks, JYP.

    • Thanks, Joni. We have a lot of air traffic from the airport and the Air Force base. The helicopters from the news channels hover all morning broadcasting the fiesta. But when I was leaving for work this morning, I heard different sounding helicopter, and a Vietnam era Huey helicopter flew over. I presume used for training at the Air Force base.

    • I found your comment in spam. I’m forever inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Thanks, Michele.

      • Oh good! Glad you found it. Yes, I enjoyed learning about his photographic contributions in a photography class that I took, just before the pandemic, when I made the decision to pick up a camera again. πŸ˜„

      • I studied the history of photography under Beaumont Newhall in the late 70s and early 80s. He knew all the photographers who had defined photograph as an art from the 20s forward. I loved listening to his stories about Ansel Adams, Henry Cartier-Besson, Walker Evens, Alfred Steiglitz, W. Eugene Smith, etc. Some of my favorite photographers of all time. I was working on a double major in geography and art photography. Newhall tried to get me to change my major to art history with a concentration on the history of photography. He said he like they way I thought, but he also needed majors in the small department and new discipline he had developed. While I love art history and the history of photography, I couldn’t imagine getting a major in them.

      • A fascinating experience for you, and him. Thank you for sharing, Timothy. I can only imagine his stories. I remember my daughter studying art history early in her college experience. She felt the same way. I believe it important to have that foundational knowledge, but creating art sounds more appealing. 😊

      • Art history is vitally important to understanding not only art, but cultural and political movements and people’s reactions to them. It’s also necessary for young artists and photographers so they understand that almost everything has been done, and that their photographs and their art they believe are so creative and original are simply clichΓ©s done hundreds of times, thousands of times over hundreds of years, and thousands of years.

      • I took a lot of art and photo history classes at the university When we lived in Spain, we spent a lot of time in art museums and participated in many seminars they offered on the history of the paintings in the galleries, especially the Prado. So a lot of the paintings we studied in art history classes looking at slides of them, we got to study in person with art historians and art curators who were experts on the paintings. We have unofficial degrees in art history.

  1. An extraordinary capture – and perfect title! Balloons always remind me of freedom and then I remember I am scared of height and would prefer to feel free on solid ground.

    • You don’t want to fly in one if you are afraid of heights. You are open and high above everything. Thanks, Rebecca.

  2. Wow… this is a fantastic shot. But keep in mind, be careful with pointing a bazooka (lens) at flying objects… πŸ˜‰

      • I think you are better at that than I am, Tim. And, I am too lazy to do it with everything else going on. πŸ™‚ We had an elder friend back east that used to sing and play “Ghost Riders In The Sky”. He’s been dead a number of years now, but in mind’s ear I could hear him singing that song when I saw the balloon. And then I thought, “Hey, Tim Price could do a parody of “Ghost Riders” using “Rainbow Ryders!”

      • I’m not super inspired by it. The one Ghost Riders parody I did, Teagan wrote the lyrics.

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