Four balloons inflated and launched from our neighbor’s field. Below is a video of the inflating and launching, photos of the burners, photos of the animals watching, and three new balloons.

58 thoughts on “Burners

  1. That is so cool. Have you ever ridden in one? I was supposed to way back when my father opened his Re/Max office – there was always the launching of a hot air balloon. Can’t remember why it never came to pass. Sigh.

    • As you know, it’s hard to show the impressiveness and massiveness of 500 to 1000 hot air balloons inflating and launching at the same time. Thanks, Michele.

  2. “I flew with Carol Rymer Davis.” “balloons are fun to fly”

    Uh sorry, but the balloony people don’t call it flying; the official verbiage is “driving”, believe it or not. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • How did you know Carol? I’d known her since the early 70s. My neighbor on the property north of us worked with Carol for many years.

    • Hi Marina. We have a weather pattern out here called “the Box”. When the box forms, the winds change direction every 100 feet or so in altitude. The balloon pilots can navigate very well and precisely in the box. That’s one reason why the the balloon fiesta is so popular here.

  3. You never disappoint my friend. Wow, I have never seen the big balloons taking off or how they work for that matter. Truly amazing video. What a gorgeous day and a lot of super cool balloons. Thank you for sharing this post with us Tim. I bet it must be something else to ride one of these beauties and look at all the sights from that height. It must feel a little bit like soaring like a bird. Thank you…. love to you both, Joni.

    • You are welcome, Joni. I’m happy you got the see a little bit of how the balloons inflate and take off. They have a real mystique about them.

  4. FABULOUS!!!! Tim – your video is extraordinary. The blue sky, the colourful balloons, the lifting from the ground upward was simply spectacular. What a wonderful event.

    • The video gives you a sense of the inflating and lifting off. It’s really fun in person. Thanks, Rebecca.

  5. The video was so mesmerizing to watch. What an experience this must be in person. Beautiful photos! You have to wonder what the animals think about all this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s really fun in person. The animals react differently depending. Dogs seem most upset by the burners. Our cats go out to watch the balloons, and they don’t seem at all bothered by the sounds. The burros and cows were as far away as they could be and then they started bucking and playing when the burners went off. Thanks, Rebecca.

  6. Fab balloons!
    Don’t know if I’d go up in one. I would have in my 20’s & 30’s.
    A balloon + fire = not computing! lol

    • Thanks, Resa. Flamers! All of them. Cindy asked it they start fires. I said not that I know of. The flames are well contained. However, this morning one of the balloons that was splashing and dashing ended up in the willows coming up out of the water, that pilot was lucky he didn’t catch the willows on fire as dry is it is out here.

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