49 thoughts on “Tiny

    • Thanks, Dale. The advantage of the lens. You can’t get close enough to that tiny little, fluttery thing to see the colors in real time.

  1. Sweet stunning little butterfly!
    The last shot deceived me for a bit.
    I thought the blue was an old drive-in theatre screen, and the field is the grown in parking lot. I looked for old speakers, then realized the screen was a roof.
    My imagination …..

    • You have a fantastic imagination. Drive-ins are long gone around here, so the tiny butterflies maintain their essences. Thanks, Resa.

      • We have a couple … 40 mins. – 1 hr. from here.
        They made $ during the pandemic, actually!
        They had live performances, the Film Festival utilized them & will again this year.

      • I saw one in San Diego in 2019. I think it’s been 30 or more years since the last drive-in was torn down in Albuquerque. The Pueblos have amphitheaters at the casinos, and Albuquerque has a big amphitheater. Albuquerque put up a big screen on Civic Plaza downtown where they show movies. I guess that’s a walk-in outdoor theater.

  2. Nice piece beautiful and I loved your work on MasticadorasUSA, really great piece Tim and your photograph was so lovely too. That was a lovely butterfly on this post. I love the close up. Hope all is well there for you two. It is starting to cool off here which is surprising to us, it has been nice though. I enjoy a break from the heat. Sending my love to ya’ll. xoxoxxo Joni

    • Thanks, JYP. It’s great because the butterfly is so tiny you can’t see all it’s colors and details.

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