53 thoughts on “Beaker Sees His Shadow

  1. I like the shadow on the wall, looks like a painting.
    The shadow of autumn gets bigger, too. It is to feel in the longer cold and misty mornings around here, but the late summer afternoons are still nice.

    • Oh you of little seasonal change. You have all the plants and critters pretty much year round. You don’t have to put up with the cold like we do, either. But we do have wonderful Autumns as fleeting as they may be. Thanks, Holly.

  2. Beaker…. A new series of Detective Novels about P.I. Tim Beaker.
    Only his shadow looks like a bird. One never knows who or what they are dealing with, until they’ve seen his shadow, and only then.
    Beware “The Beak”!!!!!!!!

    • Excellent, Resa! In reality Beaker is small, but he’s not one to be messed with as some of the cats and people have learned over the years.

    • Thanks, Lizzie. I was putting beaker in his cage to roost and noticed the shadows from the sunset on the open door. I showed him the sunset while I photographed his shadow.

      • Fabulous! And I’m so pleased to hear he’s not permanently in a cage. Bless you.

      • He has a place in the kitched with his own heater and humidifier. He can fly around if he chooses. Søren gets free reign of the bird room.

  3. Cool shadow picture of Beaker. You always have the most incredible photographs of sunsets Tim, just so beautiful there. Great photography. Give Beaker a hug and all the other critters down by the Rio Grande. I love seeing them all. Hope you two have a creative and wonderful weekend. Love Joni xoxoxox

  4. Oh that is nice. He is very special in your family I bet. They live so long a life. Who knows just how smart they are. His shadow was pretty cool. Love you both. ❤️🤗🦋💝Joni

    • Hi Joni. Beaker is like a perpetual 3-year old and Søren is like a perpetual 5-year old. They are both very smart.

      • Wow, that is amazing. Three years of age for human children is the most incredible age as they say exactly what they want – no filters and they are so creative. I am amazed at just how smart these birds are. Their vocabulary is sometimes pretty extensive and they are problem solvers. Like how to get out of their cages. Thanks Tim. Soren will be in school next year. How fun!! ❤️

      • Beaker is not the type of parrot that talks, but he has learned to say a few things. He knows how to get our attention and have us do things for him. Beaker rings his bell for service, and can read labels. I think I mentioned Beaker is almost 30 years old, about 10 years longer than his expected life in captivity. He has always drank coffee, eaten chocolate, loves pancakes, noodles, blueberry pound cake, plaine old cake, ice cream, enchiladas, etc. Basically, all the different foods he demands we feed him, but foods you wouldn’t think would not be good for him, has kept him going. He mostly gets bird food and nuts, but he always wants a taste of what we are eating.

        Søren has an extensive vocabulary and makes up his own words and sentences from things we teach him and from what he picks up listening to us. He also laughs at us, laughs at jokes, and makes a comment and then laughs and laughs about it. He’s a real character.

      • Oh Tim thank you for sharing this with me. I didn’t know how old Becker was and that is wild. What an interesting history, diet and how smart they both are. I think we always under estimate the intelligence of all God’s creatures. You have an obvious connection to animals. They are members of your family. What an amazing life you lead. This is an incredible story Tim and I feel privileged to know this. How fascinating. I am surprised you have not written a book about your musical travels and your life on the Rio Grande. It would be so an incredible book with your amazing photographs.

        Sending you and your vast family my love. I really thought your work on MasticadoresUSA was amazing. ❤️🤗🦋🦜🦜🕊🦉🦉🦉Joni

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