Bazooka’s First Shasta Daisy

We have one Shasta Daisy so far this year. You can see a crab spider between the petals. Yellow and white roses tonight.

Cotton bursting on the new growth at the base of Resa’s Tree.

Pre-sunset clouds were promising.

But then by sunset, most have the clouds had dissipated with a few left on the horizon.

37 thoughts on “Bazooka’s First Shasta Daisy

  1. Gorgeous flower shots! Your skies… well, I won’t bother going on and on… they are always jaw-dropping, suck-your-breath-in stunning…

  2. Isnโ€™t it amazing that the sky is always in transition – that every photo taken, even after a few seconds, will offer a new vista. Love your rose garden!

    • Unfortunately it is so dry here they the roses have almost zero fragrance. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  3. Great shots!
    In the second to last pic, the tree on the extreme left looks like it’s heavily leaning to the right.
    Is that what it looks like in real life, leaning like that? Or, is it a lens thing? Whose tree is that?

    • That’s your tree, Resa. It leans a little in real life, but the wide-angle perspective is exagerating its lean. Dale’s peach tree is in the foreground.

      • Ahh! I know that wide angle distortion. I’m finding the trees a bit harder to discern with their gowns on.
        Nonetheless, I should have recognized Dale’s each Tree.
        It’s exciting seeing the cotton come in on my tree. It looks dripping in angels! Are the others getting cotton?

      • Gigi’s tree is male. The Tangle Heart is dead but lives on as a magical spirit, and I believe Shey’s tree is male, also. Your tree is the main cotton bearer among AGM’s trees.

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