Three Bean Baggers

Sasha Bean Bagging.

Silver: “You’re pretty pathetic Bean Bagger, Sasha. You have to be more expressive!”

Spunk: “Both of your are bona fide, brazenly bad, boring Bean Baggers. Allow the best bona fide braggart of a Bean Bagger, moi, to show you some basic, bratty and beatifically beautiful Bean Bagging.”

Who do you think is the best Bean Bagger?

62 thoughts on “Three Bean Baggers

  1. Well, Spunk is a professional poser, so it isn’t a fair competition. I would say Spunk is the best professional bean bagger. Sasha and Silver are tied for best amateur bean bagger. 😻
    I always love seeing what the kitties are up to πŸ™‚

    • Sasha 3. Silver 2. Spunk 2 You know have to wriggle out a tricky vote. Very good. Thanks, Susan.

  2. I’d say Spunk is best. He has the most inventive positioning. However, if rated by sheer feline comfort alone, I say they’re all in first place.

    • Sasha 4. Silver 3. Spunk 3. They all get points by your standard, Leah. Spunk does have an advantage and Susan pointed out. Thanks.

    • Sasha 6. Silver 4. Spunk 6. Hahaha! He’s amounting to a hill of beans. Thanks, Leen.

  3. LOL!!! Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹!
    No contest. Although, it appears Sasha got there late? The bag is empty?
    I vote her Miss Personality!

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