¡Un Dos Tres¡ Pink Moon… NOT! Again!

One Owlet. Major Tom Peepers.

Two Owlets. Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers

Three Owlets. Mona Lisa, Major Tom Peepers and ????

How about Sleepy for the third Owlet?

Actually Major Tom Peepers ran out of steam, also.

Sweet dreams Major Tom Peepers.

Mona Lisa and Major Tom Peepers thought it was a little bright out as you can see them squinting in the next two photos.

Another year. Another no show for the Pink Moon. Marina had clicked on my Pink Moon post from last year and reminded me that tonight is April’s full moon (maybe April’s fool moon) known as the Pink Moon.

Cloud cover thwarted me again. The Pink Moon would have risen near the towers.

The extent of the pink southeast of the Sandias.

We got a slight big of clearing to the west.

74 thoughts on “¡Un Dos Tres¡ Pink Moon… NOT! Again!

  1. Loving those owl shots. Those behavior shots are incredible and more of my favorite sky hues. Clearly the stressful life of a baby owlette is tiring ha. Great post!

    • Thanks, Harry. The tree is not on my property, and I’m not one to content with Daddy Owl trying to install one.

  2. Okay here goes: awwwwwwwwww and multiplied awwwwwwwws for those juniors!!!! I adore those photos!
    As for Pink not, well, you did get gorgeous pink skies, so that makes up for the absent moon! Anyway, it could be worse, you could have forgotten like yours trully (although our calendar shows a full moon tonight here… maybe I’ll remember later!)

    • The moon will be a few thousand miles closer tonight, also. I did appreciate getting some color in the sky. Thanks, Marina.

      • Hmmmm…. for now the clouds are getting thicker and they’re not even the ones I like. Clouds make a sky interesting but these… it’s as if a layer of butter is covering the sky. No break, no layers, no shadows, just one thick dull layer. 🙄

      • That’s mostly what we had last night and totally what we had this morning. We have partly cloudy skies and wind right now.

      • Although I was alert, a. The clouds didn’t clear up and b. My moonrise was blocked by a building …one of those times when one wishes for another type of bazooka! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

      • The moon rose and peeked through our bedroom window last night. It was nice to see it.

  3. The babies are so cute! I hope Sleepy is ok, I hope he is not sick? Your photos are stunning, really. Thank for this sharing, Tim. My greetings to the owlets and to all the kitties at home.

    • Hi Flo. Sleepy is fine. They were all active and playing, but both Sleepy and Major Tom Peepers would doze off for an instant before being awaked by one of the other’s pestering it.

    • Thanks, Al. You can see lots of owls on this blog. And a few other critters. The owlets are so adorable and like sunsets I never get tired of them.

  4. So you didn’t get the moon… Big whup! You got the owlets! Not one, not two but THREE! Fantabulous skies as well… Sorry but, I don’t feel sorry for you for having a cloudy sky 😉

  5. Ha! Sleepy is aptly named — just looking at him gives me sympathetic-sleepiness. As cute as they are, I loved seeing these cloud-scapes. The last two are purely breathtaking! Hugs on the wing.

  6. Oh what a gift 💛 they are so fresh and new … I’m also looking at birds more and more … thanks for sharing Timothy … have another creative week ~ sending you joy hedy 💫☺️

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