Pink Moon… Not!

The super pink moon appearing between clouds over the Sandias, reflecting in the river.

I waited on the banks of the Rio Grande for the super pink moon to rise over the Sandias. In an otherwise clear sky, clouds lingered over the Sandias blocking the moon rise.  The moon was able to make a brief appearance in a break between the clouds. The clouds persisted in hiding the moon long after darkness set in, and beavers splashed in the shadows of the river bank.

I had one opportunity to get a shot of the super pink moon as it rose through a break in the clouds.
Clouds behind Resa’s trees lit up by the super pink moon lurking behind them.

56 thoughts on “Pink Moon… Not!

  1. We had a clear moonrise, and she was slightly pink in color. However, the moon did not appear “supersize” in size and brightness when rising above the horizon.

    • Hi David. You got gypped on the size of the moon. At least it was slightly pink. By the time it was above the clouds it was a normal moon. We still had light cloud cover so it didn’t look brighter than normal. Although we talked to a couple on the levee the night before last and they said they had noticed the moon the night before was such a bright white they could hardly see detail in it.

    • I was disappointed by the inconvenience of clouds. It was especially frustrating because we normally have clear skies.

  2. Oh….. what a moon!!!!! Gorgeous shots, my friend and how fortunate to see it in such beautiful surroundings. Ours is rising full tonight but I’m afraid my “Sandias and river” will be a building! 😦
    Resa is so lucky!!!!! 😉

  3. “and beavers splashed in the shadows of the river bank” is the most evocative poetry I’ve read in a long time.

    • Thanks, Pippa. I mentioned it, because we go out to the river almost every night and call the beavers. They haven’t slapped their tails for us in weeks. Last night I heard three beaver splashes as I stood, paced and stood again waiting for the moon to peek through the clouds.

      • Hi Teagan. As I mentioned to Pippa, it was notable the beavers splashing and making themselves known last night. We’ve been calling them every night for weeks without a single responsive splash.

    • Hi Ron. That’s a good old song. Then there’s moons that appear in van windows. I had a music teacher who said he was expelled from a university in the 70’s for mooning the dean while goofing around in his van.

  4. Stunning photos, Tim. I didn’t know it was supposed to be a pink moon. Full moons are supposed to be a good time for finishing things, or ending something. Maybe some negativity can come to an end. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. That’s a good way to think of full moons. Of course, being a super pink moon, there are people who see it as yet another sign of the end of the world.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. Your tree is lurking in the background in the last photo. It’s not well defined in the darkness.

  5. Although not exactly what you were looking to capture, they are stunning! I think they are just as magical had the moon revealed herself in entirety. I took a long walk in the moonlight with my dog last night, perfection. 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie. I’m happy you liked the photos. The clouds add interest. Nice you got out for a walk under the moon.

  6. Those clouds… no respect at all! Pink or no pink though, your shots are spectacular! Last one is actually pinkish. 😉 I wonder if we’ll get to see it here… Happy Monday, my friend.

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