33 thoughts on “Owl by Day, Beavers by Night

    • Thanks, Lavinia. As I mentioned the beaver photos have a Loch Ness feel to them. I guess big foot photos have the same grainy look as well.

  1. You mean for 33 days of incubation the Mama Owl just sitting like that all the time, without ever coming out of her brood? 🐒

  2. Lovely shots. We have a canal running along the edge of our property. There are no boats at the moment so the Nutria have taken over and you see them swimming full steam. Rather fun.

    • I can photograph the wysteria from the windows. We have quite a few tulips up right now. Thanks, Teri.

  3. The owls are gorgeous. I take it they mate for life?
    Mama sure is cute, camouflaged, and deadly looking!
    Do the Loch Ness Beavers do any damage, or are they contributors to the eco system in the bosque?

    • They cut down elm trees and willows, which I see as a good thing. They are far more beneficial than the damage they cause to pesky elm trees. I wish the Conservancy would leave them alone.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. I end up doing a lot of photos in really poor light to capture these critters.

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