Lola looking on the bright side after spending the day at the vet getting x-rayed, poked, tested, and re-splinted.

Since people have been asking about Lola, here’s the latest update. Lola had her two-week checkup today. Since she had been lethargic and not eating well over the past several days, the vet did an expanded radiograph and expanded blood tests. We knew she had degenerative arthritis from the x-rays of her paws, but the expanded tests show she has rheumatoid arthritis, and all her joints are affected. Therefore, she has not been feeling well since the last steroid shot had worn off.

Her treatment from now on will be wearing the splint so she can walk, getting steroid shots every three to four weeks and continued doses of Gabapentin twice daily.

Lola is a real trooper. She curls up with me at night and purrs both of us to sleep. Laurie says that when she wakes up in the middle of the night Lola will be curled up in my arm still purring. We will do our best to keep Lola comfortable so she can be as active as possible. She seems to always be happy and purring, as she looks on the bright side of life.