Marina’s Pear Tree

Marina’s Pear in bloom before it started putting on leaves.

Marina at Marina Kanavaki, who is one of Resa’s Art Gown models, claimed our Pear Tree. The pear tree is hidden between our giant Dr. Huey on the left, other rose bushes on the right, and a wall of black bamboo behind it. After it blooms and leafs out fully, it blends in with the bamboo. Marina calls it her “incognito” tree. Although it looks like a small, tree it’s currently around 10 feet tall. It’s apical dominant, and before I pruned it into it’s ball shape in February, it was double it’s current height in the shape of a cone.

Marina’s Pear Tree putting on leaves while still blooming. Dr. Huey on the left.
After the pear tree loses it’s blossoms it will be incognito.