Marina’s Pear Tree

Marina’s Pear in bloom before it started putting on leaves.

Marina at Marina Kanavaki, who is one of Resa’s Art Gown models, claimed our Pear Tree. The pear tree is hidden between our giant Dr. Huey on the left, other rose bushes on the right, and a wall of black bamboo behind it. After it blooms and leafs out fully, it blends in with the bamboo. Marina calls it her “incognito” tree. Although it looks like a small, tree it’s currently around 10 feet tall. It’s apical dominant, and before I pruned it into it’s ball shape in February, it was double it’s current height in the shape of a cone.

Marina’s Pear Tree putting on leaves while still blooming. Dr. Huey on the left.
After the pear tree loses it’s blossoms it will be incognito.

47 thoughts on “Marina’s Pear Tree

    • She had a few trees to choose from and claimed the pair. We still have an unclaimed peach tree on the property if Couriers want’s a tree.

      • You are very kind! We have 12 acres of land, half overtaken with trees. Keeping on top of them is a life’s work. It would be lovely to have vicarious fruit tree!

      • I cut down elm trees and try to kill them, by they are tinacious trees and grow back, even after we grind their roots. The peach tree is now your vicarious fruit tree.

  1. The pear tree is looking good, Tim. I like the way the sunlight hits it in your photos. My granny had a huge sort of gnarled old pear tree. She called it a “free will” tree. It grew spontaneously from scraps/compost. When I was a (very) young woman, lightning struck the tree and it died. I was very sad. It was one of only a couple of times that she and I connected. “I thought I was the only one who liked that tree,” she said.
    Hugs on the wing.

      • We have one here planted by the previous owner, variety unknown, that blooms early. Every 4 to 5 years we get good pears, but it tens to bloom a bit too early for good bee visitation. I put in a small Moon Glow pear a few years back. The neighbors horse ate it down to half its height, pears and all. I heard the crunching from in the house. I had to move it and barricade it. The horses are now gone, but it has taken the tree a while to recover. It is now about the size it was when it got eaten. Lots of blooms this year.

      • Marina’s tree gives fruit as long as it doesn’t get zapped by frost. The temps got down to 23ΒΊ F the night before last and zapped all of the wisteria, and most of the apple blossoms. The pear, plum, peach and nectarine are just starting set fruit, we’ll see if those little fruitlings survived.

  2. YEAH! I’m so happy Marina selected the Pear Tree!
    It will take me a bit of time to draw all the sketches for the next instalment of the Paris Adventure, but Marina’s Pear Tree will play an important part…. because it is incognito!
    How long until it becomes cone shaped? I want to use it as a communication beacon!

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