Lola Update


As I reported on March 22, 2020, Lola has degenerative arthritis in her paws, and it’s especially bad in her right paw where the bones have separated. She has been in three different splints over the past six weeks (we changed her splint every two weeks), with  the hopes that the bones would fuse back together once her paw was stabilized by the splints. Today ended the 6th week. The vet took off Lola’s splint and x-rayed her paw. Unfortunately, Lola’s bones do not show any signs of fusing back together. Therefore, we decided to put another splint on her since she seems quite comfortable with her splints, and gets around very well with her leg splinted. Without the splint, she can hardly walk and she gets a lot of pain trying to walk on what amounts to a broken paw. Our vet is looking into other long term solutions for stabilizing Lola’s paw. Lola might end up being a bionic cat.

In case you missed the music video, Lola Limp, that I posted on March 22nd, I added it to the bottom of this post.



70 thoughts on “Lola Update

  1. Poor Lola… I am glad she gets relief from the splints. Can’t wait to see what the vet can come up with…

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I really hope we can figure something out. Lola is so sweet and loveable in her own cranky way.

  2. I’m so glad the splint helps Lola, she does look like she gets around well with it. Hopefully the vet can come up with something else that will help her in the future.

  3. So sorry to read this news about Lola. Thank goodness you’re looking to find a solution together with the vet. Lola seems to be a strong cat, wishing her all the best!

  4. My hearts going out to Lola. I hope whatever Lola wants she gets ( couldn’t resist). My little dog has degenerative arthritis too. I’m wishing Lola well and sending pets ( if she likes them, some kitties don’t. )

    • Thanks, Holly. Yes. Lola gets what Lola wants. When she goes into Catzilla mode, watch out. She loves to be petted. I petted her for you, and she appreciates you passing along a nice petting session. What do you do for your little dog?

      • Tide will be 13 next month. His arthritis is pretty bad. I’m giving him an anti inflammatory and steroid combination and Omega. Occasionally a Tramadol if needed . Sadly my boy is getting palliative care now, He’s a good doggie and has been such a joy to me since I got him at 4 months old. He’s a brown Boston.
        I also have a mischievous cat that is so funny. Thanks for passing on my pets to Lola. She’s adorable. I hope she’s back
        Up to all her tricks very soon 😊

      • Poor puppy. Our dogs and cats do give us so much comfort and joy. They deserve all the care and comfort we can give them.

        Lola is still ornery with her splint.

      • Can’t really blame her I would be too ! She’s really precious! No one loves us as unconditionally as our dogs and cats. They are amazing.

    • Hi David. Lola’s “tude” runneth over. She is determined, even without the splint, but it’s really sad to see her paw just dangling.

  5. Timothy I did not know Lola is sick. I am so sorry. But you guys are certainly the best. You found a way to help her. You keep your spirits up. You are fighting while smiling (the video is a killer). You are great people. Lola is lucky to be yours. Sending her my love.

    • Hi Gabriela. Poor Lola’s paw is in really sad shape. The splint helps tremendously. She is a sweet, cranky kitty. She was originally our neighbor’s cat. Our neighbors liked dogs more than cats, so Lola, raised with dogs, had to learn how to be a cat after we ended up with her. She like coming over to our property as a kitten. When our neighbors moved to New Zealand, we took Lola. She was so happy to end up with us, and we with her.

      I’m happy you liked the video. I figured Lola needed a song and dance for all the trouble she’s had to put up with her lame paw.

      • Hi Timothy.
        I am really sorry for Lola. I was so glad to see that the sprint helps. You guys are really great people. I ended up with one of my cats the same way. She used to come to my property and one day she decided she was not going to leave anymore. I have no idea whose cat she was. Nobody claimed her. So she became my cat. She passed away two years ago. I was so heartbroken.
        I understand your feelings for Lola. When I took Maya in about 41/2 years ago she was a kitten. I took her to the vet. All check-ups were great according to him. Maya was happy and playful. One day one of my colleagues who is vet professor and works at the university hospital told me to bring Maya to her for check-ups. I did that. And surprise… Maya has a defect at one of her heart valves. She has to be on medication twice a day for the rest of her life. At least she does not suffer like Lola, but still… I have to give her the medication every day and some times it’s a real struggle.

        I really love the video. Timothy your videos and your pictures are wonderful. Indeed Lola needed a songs and a dance. Much love to her.

      • We’ve had a lot of kitties we’ve nursed for years and they had really good lives well beyond what they would have had without the treatments. Kitties give us so much love and comfort that they are worth every bit of extra care we have to give to some of them. I have to give Sasha pills for her allergies. She’s gotten really good about taking them.

  6. I feel so bad for Lola, Timothy. She looks like a great cat and companion. Our pets are our family, so I know how you feel. Wish her all the best. Hopefully, these bones will fuse together. LOve and patience my friend.

  7. I’m so sorry her leg didn’t heal. Yet, at least she seems okay getting around. It’s a beautiful thing, how much you love your cats!
    Lola is a very beautiful girl!

      • I’m not going to try to parody the Beach Boys. That would kill my limited range voice.

      • LOL! The harmonies!
        Well, I have a strange range, and I go off key, but it works out in the cat songs. I’m speaking of songs I write for cats, and sing to them; not songs about cats that I sing to people! 😀

      • I’d like to hear your cat songs. I sing to the birds, Søren and Beaker, when I get them up in the morning and put them to bed and night.

        BTW. I’m posting a new parody the afternoon.

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