39 thoughts on “Mallard

    • Thanks, Holly. We have lots of mallards and other wild ducks, but no Muskovees in the ditches or river around here. I’m trying to remember if there are Muskovees at the duck pond at the university. They have a pretty wide variety of ducks there.

      • They arenโ€™t very pretty ducks , when I lived on the lake they would all come rushing up sqwacking cause the kids fed them bed crumbs, including my own. But not a single Mallard , I guess the Muskovees had claimed their territory and not sharing. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • I’ve been places where the ducks beg for food. I remember the large pond in Parque de Ritiro in Madrid, Spain had gold fish that would beg when you got near the edge of the water. They were like toothless piranhas going into a frenzy over anything thrown in the water.

      • Thatโ€™s would be amazing to see. Thereโ€™s a Carp farm down in the keys and the tourists throw bits of food ( not sure what but the owner sells it) and the fish rush over to nab it. They are fairly big fish as you know so itโ€™s easy to see them under water. I took my Dad down there for fun and he loved it.

      • I love Koi. They don’t act like carp and goldfish. They seem to have more self-respect, as much self-respect as fish can have that is.

      • They are so beautiful, I would love to have a Koi Pond. Albino Koi are especially fascinating. ๐Ÿ  hmmm, no Koi emojis. Have a great dayTimothy, Lola too despite the splint.

      • That’s a shame there’s no Koi emojis. Pufferfish, angelfish, dolphins and whales but no Koi? Seems odd doens’t it?

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