Lola Update


As I reported on March 22, 2020, Lola has degenerative arthritis in her paws, and it’s especially bad in her right paw where the bones have separated. She has been in three different splints over the past six weeks (we changed her splint every two weeks), with¬† the hopes that the bones would fuse back together once her paw was stabilized by the splints. Today ended the 6th week. The vet took off Lola’s splint and x-rayed her paw. Unfortunately, Lola’s bones do not show any signs of fusing back together. Therefore, we decided to put another splint on her since she seems quite comfortable with her splints, and gets around very well with her leg splinted. Without the splint, she can hardly walk and she gets a lot of pain trying to walk on what amounts to a broken paw. Our vet is looking into other long term solutions for stabilizing Lola’s paw. Lola might end up being a bionic cat.

In case you missed the music video, Lola Limp, that I posted on March 22nd, I added it to the bottom of this post.