46 thoughts on “Wisteria

  1. You’re lucky to have them outdoors. A wisteria here in Colorado would be finished by the first hard freeze in the fall.

    • Ours bloom, but then they usually get frozen as we normally get frost through April into May.

  2. This is going to sound awful for someone who loves flowers and plants, but until I saw this image, I had heard the name “wisteria” but I didn’t associate it with any particular mental image of what the bloom would look like. Now I know, this is indelible! It reminds me of a bunch of grapes, in terms of the shapes involved.

    • Hi Lyn. Wisteria do hang like grapes and does remind one of grapes. Not an awful thought at all.

  3. OOlala! What a beauty! I wish we had Wisteria up here.
    In the old days when burning incense was part of my housekeeping, it was always Wisteria.

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