No Comet Seen Tonight

The comet was supposed to be close to Mars tonight. Using three different cameras, various exposures, and binoculars, I did not see a comet near Mars.

The above image was from the live sky on SkySafariWeb. The image below is from Celestron’s website. I’m in MST, which was 7:00 PM when the above photos were taken.

The night sky with whispy clouds from a couple of nights ago.

We got a dusting of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Clouds over the Sandias before sunset on Wednesday afternoon.

Sunset on Wednesday evening.

42 thoughts on “No Comet Seen Tonight

  1. Thanks for trying to spot the comet. The starry skies are beautiful, even if the comet wasn’t visible. MST – you are an hour ahead of us. You have certainly had some variable weather and that sunset is gorgeous.

    • It would be just another streak in the sky. We don’t need astrogation. We don’t need no night control. We don’t need no dark starlight photos. Hey! Astrophotographers! Leave those comets alone.

      The painter does like make a splash in winter clouds. Thanks, Marina.

  2. Between the sky shots and landscapes and that sky(!) wow, Tim!! Too bad you didn’t find the comet …. what a disappointment that had to have been. However, you get an A+ for effort!!! That counts too!!

  3. Friend of mine (Brad) alerted me to the comet so I went out and checked Sunday (too hazy) and then again last night, but no luck. Think my treeline may have eclipsed it for me. Like the dusting shots – shockingly enough, we’ve hit 50s last couple of days, but the more accustomed snow is coming Thursday.

    • It was overcast last night. I think the thing is simply to faint for a meager non-astronomer like me to capture. Thanks, Brian.

  4. Next time!

    So, while I was here, I checked for Dale’s tree and Peach blossoms for the new “Gowntoons”. Found them with the search! Yay!

      • I suppose I would. The Guinness Book of World Records records currently stands at around 53,000 world records, an average of 791 records a year since its inception in 1955. At it’s current rate, it will have 39,550,000 world records in 50,000 years. If I can hold my berth until the Green Comet comes around again, I will have the 39,550,001st world record.

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