38 thoughts on “Déjà vu All Over Again And Again

  1. Beautiful photos, Tim. Especially the last one. The colors are fantastic!

    A mist roller crawled in over the eastern ridge at sunset. We won’t see much sky tonight.

    • Thanks Lavinia. It cleared up after sunrise and was sunny most of the day until sunset when the clouds blew in again.

  2. WOW Tim.. Both are spectacular… The top one in the centre, quite large, I see a Theatre Clown Mask 🎭 do you see it.. I am always finding things in clouds. LOL.. So I look for them.. Excellent deja-vu… ❤

  3. Wicked shots!
    Dale’s magic peach tree plays in the finale.
    I’m going to check my Tim folder to see what I have. OR, I might be back to scrounge trees! xo

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