52 thoughts on “Persistence Of Winter

  1. Those are very beautiful images, Tim. I could look at those for hours.

    We are having a clear night up here. I saw the growing crescent moon above the horizon in the west. It formed a perfect moon-eye, and it seemed quite large. It’s down in the mid 30s already.

  2. Stared at that last shot for a long time trying to figure out exactly what is going on ..fog, clouds, avalanche, impact of an Imperial Probe Drone. Quite intriguing.

      • Well thank you all for taking one for the team : ) Pretty Murch the same. Acceptable amount of sky to the south (you saw the fires we have back there) and wire pollution to the north, but a large field that often has beautiful morning fog. We sometimes live vicariously through your photos. Murph’s being so good for his daily med coating on his gums. He gets spa time a few times a week & he’s been pottying once a week, which is a nearly normal for him during the winter. Okay here, just busy, thanks. We hope you and Laurie are super

      • I’m not aware of any new major fires. I don’t watch news. We are hanging in there.

  3. My apologies, fires as in campfires, I didn’t specify. I don’t watch news either. I have enough input by others to know we cant trust govts or when stf. Hanging in there can be alright

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