Frost Bites Clouds On Fire

Frost bites clouds on fire
Ice forests reflecting phone
Fifteen degrees. Brrrr!

Look another brick!
It used to be in The Wall
“Leave those kids alone!”

44 thoughts on “Frost Bites Clouds On Fire

  1. That first one is like some fantastic figure falls to earth. It’s amazing. The second is like a surreal toy hedgehog. They are wonderful pics. I do love seeing frost on things ..well..on pics anyway. We’ve had tons this winter.

  2. Them colors are astounding!🤩 As always, great work, Tim!

    Also, I wonder how many other bricks made it out of that wall? 🤔
    Good for them.

  3. I have one, but it was brought over from Germany in the late 1880s by a great-great-grandparent. Every now and then I let it cuckoo.

  4. That is so cool! I love when the sun plays with the clouds like that. And those frost images and the two “‘Ku’s” are wonderful, too!

  5. Ha, yes leave them kids alone… and your second shot sent shivers.
    The first one ~ man, you get some incredible skies in your part of the world 🙂

    • The sky in the first photo was different. I don’t know what got the clouds whipped up like that. I was sheivering doing the second shot. Thanks, Randall.

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