Sleeping With A Stinky Cat

I was having a conversation about groups that do covers and recording with Elizabeth Ramos on her post with a cover of “Smooth” by Rob Thomas, and Carlos Santana called In Performance With The Presleys at Through The Viewfinder. I mentioned recording Sleeping With A Stinky Cat and looked for the post I thought I had done, to discover I had not done a post with the song.

One night close to bedtime about three months ago, Spunk came running in from the catio. As he tore by me at full speed, I caught the full-on aroma of what had happened. Spunk got sprayed by a skunk that had slipped through the wire into the catio. Skunks are like snakes in that they can squeeze their bodies through almost anything their head fits through. A small skunk can easily slip through the 2×4 inch wire that covers the catio. After we got Spunk cleaned up the best we could, he had to sleep with me while he cleaned himself up during the night. He didn’t smell by morning, but when we went to bed, he was ripe with skunk spray. The experience inspired me to write and record Sleeping With A Stinky Cat. The song is played in a funk style.

Sleeping With A Stinky Cat
By Timothy Price

Spunk met a skunk, yeah
In the catio, no
Got a blast in the face
Oh that sent him on a race

He ran around the house like the devil on his tail
Stinking up the place making everyone’s life hell

Now I have to sleep with a stinky cat
Spunk needed comfort after the attack
Now I have to sleep with a stinky cat
My eyes are burning oh, Spunk is such a brat
Lying on the bed, curled in a ball
Sleeping with a stinky cat is no fun at all

I wiped his face, yeah
Wrapped him in a towel, oh
We rinsed his eyes at best
Trying to reduce the stress

Spunk struggled, and he hissed, used his claws and fangs no less
Scratches, bites to end the stress, I ended up a bloody mess

Now I have to sleep with a stinky cat
Spunk needed comfort after the attack
Now I have to sleep with a stinky cat
My eyes are burning oh, Spunk is such a brat
Lying on the bed, Spunk curled in a ball
Sleeping with a stinky cat is no fun at all

52 thoughts on “Sleeping With A Stinky Cat

  1. Poor Spunk. 😱
    But not really, because he has a family that loves him, no matter the circumstances. ❤️

    • Spunk made sure we all suffered. He’s been sprayed before, but I guess that skunk slipping into the catio and invading Spunk’s space was too much for him simply let it go. Thanks, Susan.

  2. Funk is the perfect sound for spunk and his skunk adventure!! Fun to listen to, although the moment it memorializes wasn’t so much. We had a German shepherd who had to spend a few nights in the garage and wasn’t too happy about it after she got sprayed. Poor Heidi.

    • There is something about the cats’ fur that keeps the spay from getting the the skin. The cats lick it off before it gets to their skin. I don’t know if it gets to the skin on dogs since most dogs don’t groom themselves like cats, or dog hair hold smells better, because when we had dogs that got sprayed by skunks, they smelled for days. Thanks, Mary Jo.

  3. I love our poodles but thinking a bad run in with a skunk my be the line for sleeping with us until the tomato juice did its magic. Maybe Linda can comfort them hehehe. Funny song.

    • Massengill Douche is better than tomato joice for removing skunk smell from dogs. You might keep that in mind in case your poodles have a run in with a stinker. Thanks, Brian.

  4. I remember that you mailed the link for this song a while ago. Love the story and the song! ‘Sleeping With A Stinky Cat’, that’s a great title too…

  5. This song has a Frank Zappa vibe to it. When I was a kid, we had a dog that got sprayed by a skunk. We tried the tomato juice bath, but it didn’t really work. The same dog liked to roll on dead animals and then sit under the table while we ate.

  6. LOL!!! This is hilarious! I very much enjoyed the story and music behind the stinky cat! 😸 I love that you find humor in the everyday and manage to write music about it accordingly!

    • Thanks, Samantha. While it wasn’t funny at the time, especially as far as poor Spunk was concerned, it was funny when you look back on it. I’m happy you enjoyed it.

  7. Finally I can get back now and properly read you blog and listen to your great music as aye. It was the wee granddaughter’s b/day earlier at some hall up the coast so we were along helping out. Loved this…

  8. Tim, I’m laughing so hard (sorry) that my stomach hurts. I remember you sending me this song to my email and even back then I laughed so hard. Now, don’t get me wrong I am very empathic to your plight for I would NOT wish on anyone to sleep with a cat that smelled like skunk. Uh uh!! What a parent you are truly for Spunk still slept with Dad despite the smell. My hat is off to you!!! 🤪

    • I know there is no bad intentions laughing at Spunk’s silliness. It was funny any way you look at it. I’m so happy you got a laugh out of our stinky go around on both listens. We all need as much laughter as we can get these days. Thanks, Amy Rose.

  9. 😂😂😂
    First, love the song and guitar solo… and second, I’ve been there with my dog decades ago (look on his eyes was even sadder than having to sleep with a stinky dog!). Also, thanks for the link to Elizabeth Ramos – her voice and this song, the epitome of sultry.

    • Thanks, Randall. Stinky pets can be a challenge. I’m happy you liked the song. Elizabeth has a wonderful voice. She and her band are excellent. I really liked her rendition of Smooth. I liked Cassie’s guitar playing so much better than Santana’s. Smooth is one of the few songs I like with Santana, but his guitar is still too overpowering.

      • Ha, I was going to say that I like this version much better than the original… but I’ve been in major arguments debating Santana vs. Gilmour/Knopfler with one of my best friends growing up so I guess I am a bit careful these days!

      • IMHO Santana is Not Eeeven in the same league as Gilmour and Knopfler. Gilmour and Knopfler have layers of skill, style and musicality that make them really incredible guitarists. Pink Floyd is in a class of its own.

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