42 thoughts on “A Demoku

    • Not Eeeven close. Obi-Wan Kenobi works at our office and was writing recommendations for demolishing a school building when I took the photo. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • I was going to ask why Laurie was demolishing schools. I figured there was a story there. Your office has quite a diverse staff, complete with its own Jedi. πŸ™‚

      • We are quite diverse with Jedis and office dogs in the mix of staff from New Mexico (Albuquerque, Northern NM, Roswell), New York, Michigan, Utah, Texas, Italy, Guam, Vietnam, and a few other places close and beyond.

  1. Yes its as easy a stroke of pen, or a click on a keyboard.. I am thinking this is something major in your part of the world..
    Education has been systematically demonised here too in the UK.

  2. No more pencils
    No more books
    No more teacher’s dirty looks
    School’s out for summer
    School’s out forever
    [that] school’s been blown to pieces
    By Obi-Wan’s kinesis

    • Perfect. I always loved that Cooper song. Have you seen his live version where they work in Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)”? It’s great. I love Nita, too. She is a hot guitarist. The school Obi-Wan was working on will be down and out forever. Thanks, Brian.

      • Not sure I’ve heard that rendition yet. I’ve been to a ton of Alice concerts over the years (we used to cruise the one-ways back home when I was in high school cranking the Welcome to my Nightmare album). You are right on with Nita, lady can shred and pleasing to the eyes as they say. The last one I went to (in Vegas) he did his tribute to his favorite musicians that have passed. He is starting up a tour with Rob Zombie soon – hoping he comes somewhere near us.

      • Welcome To My Nightmare is a briliiant album. One of my favorite. That last time Alice was in town I couldn’t make it. Thanks, Brian.

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