38 thoughts on “Pastel Clouds Fade To Gray

  1. What a gorgeous dawn…the clouds, the blue of the Sandias, the brown and green leaves and the bare silhouettes. Even the quiet uneventful gray night sky has its own silent beauty.

  2. I like the complexity you captured in the clouds. Ripples, like dunes in a desert. Purple and blue pastel, almost water color again. And to wrap it all up within poetry. Masterful.

  3. Atmospheric photography, Tim! We had sunshine today, but snow and rain will come tomorrow – the clouds are gathering. I am fascinated by how clouds herald weather transitions!

  4. You get some beautiful cloud formations down there, Tim. Night does swallow everything, especially under cloud cover. We have been in thick silver-grey fog all day up here. The temperature never got out of the 30s.

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