Cottonwood Colors

Sliver moon at dawn.

Cold sunlight on cottonwoods under wintery clouds.

Resa’s Cottonwood

Susan’s Cottonwood

Gigi’s Cottonwood

Dale’s Peach Tree backlit

Tiffany’s Cottonwood

Lavinia’s, Susan’s and Teagan’s Cottonwoods

Gabriela’s Cottonwood on the right behind Gigi’s Cottonwood.


Marina’s not-so-Incognito Pear Tree.

63 thoughts on “Cottonwood Colors

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I don’t I will see the super sliver moon tomorrow morning. I think it will be too light by the time it rises over the mountains. New moon on Tuesday.

  1. All your cottonwoods are stunning
    And their names echo with beautiful syllables.
    Gigi, is surely pronounced with a french accent.

  2. How stunning. I’m grabbing a few of these for my Tim’s trees folder!
    Is that my tree on the left side in the last pic? Gigi’s on the right?

    Marina’s Incognito Pear tree is stupendous! xx

  3. Now I see what you mean! You got that perfect light that I love so much. The dark and moody skies are the perfect backdrop for those brilliantly lit trees. Gorgeous, Tim!

  4. Sriking photos, and as you look at each one, you arrive at the last, an amazing explosion of colour in the sky. Puts me in mind of thr great skies painted by Turner!

  5. I’ve always loved the contrast of chlorophyll illuminated against darkened skies. These are great photos, able to express what my lens cannot, despite alterations in a futile attempt to show the reality of what the eyes see.

    • I once knew a guy named Cloro Phyl. He was a weirdo. As a photographer, I discovered years and years ago to never try and reproduce on film and now pixels what you see in person. You will always be disappointed, even if you produce a great photo, your expectations will be dashed. Our eyes are so much more sophisticated than any lenses produced. I will say, that the lenses can get details that our eyes can’t see because of haze, distance, reflections, etc., so producing images that are not like what you see can be very satisfying. Thanks, Dawn. How’s Murph?

      • That may take the cake in unexpected, actual names.
        Gee, thanks for the pep talk. Haha. I know you’re correct, though.
        Murph is okay, just can’t neglect the issues. 2 weeks until the appointment. Thank you for caring about him.

      • From what I’ve seen you do great on your photos. It’s really more about how you see the world that what you see. I’m happy you are taking the trouble to get Murph looked at.

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