56 thoughts on “Cold Befalls

  1. Lovely photos and poem. We’re suppose to get some much needed rain tomorrow with a cold front to follow. Just hope we don’t get bad storms with it.

  2. Winter is on its way…. Here they predited temperatures round about 22°C for the comming days…. no winter at all ! But, much to warm for this time of the year.

    • -3.33ºF this morning. It’s not unusual for us to have 22ºC daytime temps this time of year. Thanks, Rudi.

      • Then I vividly remember that, when I was a child, the flowers that we place on the graves of our dead on November 1st were struck by frost at night. Now this certainly won’t be the case. Clearly a very abnormal situation that becomes more noticeable year after year.

  3. The frozen towers on the mountain look like an alien city! I love the final moon shot for this lunar cycle.

    It is cold here at night, and was 39 this morning. It got up into the low 50s today, with circulating winds and some rain. I suspect I am going to see some snow up here this winter.

    • I like towers too. I’ve done lots of photos of towers over the years. I made sculptures with towers many years ago, also. My dad was a ham radio operator so we had all kinds of towers on the property when I was growing up. Thanks, Samantha.

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