47 thoughts on “Long Shadows

    • I don’t think it’s old. It’s down the street from my office. While I have driven past it for as long as I’ve been driving, and I have done various photos of it from the entrance. I have never walked around in it and checked dates. Thanks, Liz.

    • Thanks Resa. It’s not a Haiku. It’s a Timku. “Vampires” does not have three syllables because it’s a diphthong. If you pronounce it “vam-pi-ers” then you get three syllables. If you pronounce “retire” in Spanish then it has three syllables “re-tir-e”. Otherwise, the last line is a double diphthong with only four syllables. This Timku is a good example of why you can’t really do Haiku in English.

      • Yes, Timkus are more advanced than Haikus.
        diphthong /// sounds like a certain underwear, but I get the syllable thing. I think!
        I prefer Timku anyway. I speak English! xo

      • We think alike. As I mentioned to JYP Haiku in English is kind of like confusing a diphthong with chocolate-covered panties.

    • Thanks, JYP. The poem is truly a Timku. As I explained to Resa, I have a double diphthong in the last line, so there are only four silly syllables in that line. Another good example of why Haiku doesn’t work in English. It’s kind of like confusing a diphthong with chocolate-covered panties.

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