Let The Light Shine Down

Beautiful Dawn’s breath
Held the balloons on the ground
Eternal hours wait

Sun’s rays break through clouds
Shining favor on balloons
Green flag lets them fly

Up up and away
One flew under broken clouds
Crazy as it seems

48 thoughts on “Let The Light Shine Down

    • Thanks, Dale. I started out explaining how the winds at dawn delayed the launch, blah, blah, blah. How stupid and boring was that? So I challenged myself to explain the morning events in pics and three Timkus.

    • It’s been in the low 40s. Cloudy and windy this morning so the balloons didn’t fly. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Lot’s of dollars. With 768 balloons and around a million people coming to town for the event, the population of Albuquerque doubles and it increases the State’s population by 1/3 for a couple of weeks. Crime goes up, also. Some one actually stole a balloon. I think it was like a gang initiation thing or something like a TikTok challenge. What is anyone going to do with a stolen balloon? It was recovered.

      • Stealing a balloon! Where the heck could one hide that? Take it out for a float and no one notices?
        Anyway, it sounds like a great time & business injection for Albuquerque & New Mexico.

      • They found where the theives had taking the truck and balloon by using the Find My Phone on an iPad that is in the truck.

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