59 thoughts on “Reflections Of A Flying Pig

  1. Wow! That is the best selection of hot air balloons evah!
    Love the pigku. And I so miss going to my father’s when they had the balloon fest.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your photos of the balloon festival, Tim! The variety of balloons going up is impressive. These things must be quite expensive to manufacture. The Pigku accompanying the pig balloon is great!

  3. Wonderful gallery! The balloons reflected in the water give a different perspective. And the Pigku is forging a new genre of verse. Tim keep the balloon shots and verses coming please! πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks for this post, Tim. Every year I’m so surprised with your amazing photographs of all those wonderful balloons. I remember seeing a flying pig years ago, but that was at a Pink Floyd concert…

  5. Thank you so much Timothy for these awesome shots of the balloons. I like the specialy formed ones very much. Also the amount of balloons (in one of your pictures) is impressive ! As we learned from all this : a lot of animals and things can fly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Tim these are incredibly wild balloons. Do you have any ideas how many there are? I loved the reflections in the water. It must be cool to watch all those taking off and filling the sky. Thanks for sharing this fun time with us. πŸ¦‹

  7. Wowza! I enjoyed the one with the glasses showing it’s reflection of balloons!
    Amazing shots! I thought of you when I heard it on the news that the Festival is starting.
    And your pigku was cute.

  8. Tim, these photos are amazing. I never realized how much creativity was put into this industry. You see coverage from a distance – at a glance – on the news while you’re busy doing something else and say, wow…that’s a pretty cool balloon festival they got there, But…I never looked at these close-up. And yes, this is definitely one instance where Pigs can fly.

    • Thanks, Bruce. There are some really amazing special shapes balloons. Some of the special shapes balloons are gigantic.

  9. Who knew sloths could fly!?! Pretty partial to the witch and the pumpkin balloons – it is, afterall, that time of the season. Oh, and I like the wolf …’cuz, well, wolves are just plain cool.

    • I thought you would like the witch. You need her for you trail. She’s giant. Thanks, Brian.

  10. Well, in New Mexico, pigs can fly!
    Fabulous close ups of the balloons, Tim.
    Such creativity to be co-mingled with air balloons.
    Wonderful post! xo

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