56 thoughts on “Shocking Pink

      • Very cool. And I love how many pictures turn out way cooler with a phone instead of a camera. This is very cool, for sure.

      • For this one, I had the phone pointing where lighting was flashing, and snapped the shutter the moment I saw the flash. Worked out well. I have a slow shutter app with a bulb setting I want to try on lightning at some point.

    • Never hear of heat lightning. But this lightning might be pretty hot if you are unlucky enough to be really close to it. Thanks, Brian.

      • Apparently a Midwest term for the reddish typically horizontal lightening. Tends to be far off and lacks any thunderclap, but it can really light up the sky (and turn it pinkish) when it ignites.

  1. Nice. Lightning is extremely difficult to capture not unless it’s happening with great frequency. There are a few storm chasing groups that specialize in following the monsoon with photography. The aim of capturing lightning in the storms.

    • Lighting is really easy to capture with a dslr on bulb setting. It was a bit of a challenge on the iPhone. Storm chasing is exciting and can produce excellent photos and video. I prefer to let the storms come to me and get what a can. Thanks, David.

    • Set your camera on a tripod pointing in the direction of the lighting. It’s good to use wide-angle lens. Stop the lens down to Ζ’/16, Ζ’/22 or Ζ’/32 (depends on your lens’ aperture setting how how dark you want the background). Set the shutter speed to bulb, which holds the shutter open on the first press of the shutter release and closes it on the second press of the shutter release. Open the shutter and wait for lightning to strike one or more times. Close the shutter. Your camera will probably take several seconds to save the file. Then repeat as long as the lightning is striking. Thanks, Marina.

      • Oh-oh….. you mentioned the word ‘tripod’!!!!😱 Stupid but my relationship with the camera is similar to painting… Pick camera up, take the shot! Pretty unrefined! I would like to try it though! Thank you so much for the tip!!!! Happy Solstice!

      • You can set the camera on any stable surface to do the photos. I’ve used the car for a stable surface to get lighting and night skies. Here’s a post from 2014 where I used my car on the side of the road during a thunderstorm to get lighting: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-22L

    • That was a good guess. Tristan has had hot pink hair. I like that line also. Thanks, JYP.

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