The Week: May 25th — 31st

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May 25th: Critter closeups —

May 26th: Dr Huey on Parade —

May 27th: All pink —

May 28th: Another one bites… —

May 29th: Construction progress —

May 30th: Two mile high club —

May 31st: Obligatory annoying cat photos —

Pretty in Pink @ the Kimo


We went to the Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico’s production of “The Nutcracker” last night in the historic Kimo Theater. Laurie wore her pink stripes and pleats with “Count of Monte Cristo” boots, white silk scarf, and her Harley Davidson leather jacket for the cold walk back to the car.







Fade to Pink

America, October 13, 2014

This America rose has faded to a nice pink over the past two weeks. The large bud opened and has been well preserved as turned from salmon to pink, but the three buds accompanying the rose have shown very little growth or progress toward opening. Between the very cool nights and shortened days, I’m not sure there is enough warmth or light left in a day for them to fully open.

America, October 18, 2014
America, October 24, 2014