Pretty in Pink @ the Kimo


We went to the Ballet Repertory Theatre of New Mexico’s production of “The Nutcracker” last night in the historic Kimo Theater. Laurie wore her pink stripes and pleats with “Count of Monte Cristo” boots, white silk scarf, and her Harley Davidson leather jacket for the cold walk back to the car.







23 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink @ the Kimo

    • Thanks, Janna! The Kimo is one of a kind and a real treasure. If you are ever in Albuquerque, make sure you visit the Kimo (it’s in Downtown at 5th & Central). Years ago we had season tickets to a guitar series and one of the performers was Don McLean (American Pie). We had front row seats and Don McLean was very personable, interacted a lot with the audience and was a fabulous performer. It was one of the most intimate and fantastic concerts I’ve ever attended.

  1. Oh, i haven’t thought about the Kimo in ages! What a nice Christmas Eve morning treat before work. By the way, Laurie looks great, and i’ve always loved pleated skirts. She was clearly having a good time. Holiday hugs to you both. 😀

    • Thanks, Miz Shaaz! Laurie saw those boots in a Land’s End catalog, I believe, and they just looked so Count of Monte Cristo that she had to try them. It’s really hard for her to get boots because she has wide feet and body builder calves, so most boots for skinny girls are usually too tight and won’t even start to fit over her calves. She was delighted the these boots fit perfectly.

  2. Love all of these images for so many reasons!
    Hi, Laurie – you look wonderful, as always!
    Merry Christmas to the entire Price clan!

    • Thanks, Julia! Wasn’t quite magical, but it was very well done. I think you need a live, full orchestra to make it magical (recorded music doesn’t quite get the magic across).

  3. Beautiful pictures of Laurie, Timothy! I like the theatre with the southwest theme, too. You have some interesting places there.

    Have a wonderful holiday season, both of you. The best gift of all is that you have each other. 🙂

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