Cows In The Mist

Venus, Jupiter, Mars & Saturn

The Rio Grande is running higher

Laurie said I’m a “dust denier!”

Peepers’ peeping

La Luna

62 thoughts on “Cows In The Mist

  1. A beautiful selection, Tim. Glad to see the moon over NM again. Overcast up here tonight after a beautiful partly cloudy day in the upper 60s . Rain in the forecast tomorrow and Friday.

  2. These are amazing pics and of course there’s WOWLS.. Going away to prague tonight till next wed, but will catch up on more pics when we come back.

  3. Good looking cattle, Tim. Was interested in the shot of what appears to be a couple of freeze brands on the shoulder of the Angus bull. Is that what I’m seeing? Glad to see your river is up.

    • I would say they are as they look more like they are painted on than burnt on. But I can’t say for sure. Those are marks that I don’t recognize on that cow. Thanks, Maj & Sher

      • Yesterday, we had rain before it turned into snow (no accumulation). Today, it’s dry as nothing happened.

      • The wind here has been quite persistent since the start of the year, which seems to be quite unusual. The number of days with wind warnings, fire weather watches, red flag warnings have been many more too.

      • It is. We’ve had some of the smoke here. a couple of days ago, you could smell burnt wood in the air. The entire front range, from Wyoming to NM, is a catastrophic firestorm waiting to happen. The Waldo Canyon and Black Forest wildfires were just a preview of what would happen. It’s a matter of when.

  4. Looks like at least two of the owlets are doing well, the other is probably just playing xbox in the tree den. Is the Rio higher because you are getting rain, or are the upstream feeders swelling it?

    • No rain. The snow packs are melting. The third owlet is doing well it’s a lot smaller than the other two. There’s always a runt. Thanks, Brian.

  5. I enjoyed your photos here, Timothy, especially the planets, the peepers peeping and La Luna. Great to see the Rio Grande so full, too. Really sorry to hear the NM fires persist…. Take care, Timothy.

  6. A little visit and hello to my favorite American. Have a good weekend Timothy. Soft kisses from Paris and hugs to your kittens.

    • Hi Angelilie. How nice to hear from you. We love your soft kisses and hugs. The kitties get very excited over your attention. You are our favorite, most beautiful Parisian. How are things in Paris? I hope you are well? We are all doing well. The kitties and I send hugs, kisses, and good wishes.

      • Thank you Timothy for your warm in my heart compliments. I’m not very active on WordPress right now. I’m preparing my move. But I’m still living in Paris. I’ll be back on my blog very soon.

      • I’m having fun well with my move. It’s a lot of work to move everything and my cat “Chipie” in the box ahah

      • Is Chipie excited to move. Cats don’t always like change. Do you have movers or are you moving everything yourself? When we moved our office from downtown last year, we moved everything ourselves. A lot of truckloads of stuff.

    • Will you be closer to or further from Notre Dame? Moving is such a pain. I wish you the best.

  7. Neat cow shots! I adore cows, but it would be difficult to keep one for a pet, considering where I live.
    The Rio Grand is running higher! That’s good, right?

    • It’s neither good nor bad on the Rio. They are running it high to meet contractual agreements for water downstream. It doesn’t benefit us much for irrigation. You would have a bit of a problem keeping a cow I would think. Thanks, Resa.

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