Party Time

Here’s an original song that is another collaboration with JYP. Besides being Music Monday, I thought our song would go well with celebrating the conjunction of Saturn and Mars. JYP wrote the lyrics inspired by a party. I wrote the music, played, and recorded the song. Since I haven’t been to a party in years, I had to borrow party footage for the video.

I went out at 5:30 this morning and photographed the pre-dawn sky partying over the conjunction of Saturn and Mars. A thin cloud cover softened Venus, Saturn, and Mars. However, you can almost see the rings of Saturn in the last shot done with the Bazooka. I’m hoping for a clear sky tomorrow morning to try and get a photo with better-defined rings of Saturn.

Wide and normal shots with the conjunction. The third photo is of the Big Dipper.

Saturn and Mars as seen by the Bazooka.

God Bless Those Who Bring The Party

Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party

You can’t have spiritual without the spirits
What’s the harm? Why you fear it
Turn up the volume so we can hear it
Yes! Your heart and soul can bear it
God bless those who bring on the party

Good times are we’re romancin’
Or we may not get the chance in
May as well start a dancin’
Up and down yeah now we’re prancin’
God bless those who bring on the party

While the world may be sleepin’
There are those who keep the beat in
Keep us all from wailin’ and weepin’
On the floor we’re a creepin’
God bless those who bring on the party

Time to share some gratitude
For the one who keeps us in the mood
Bring the music, wine and food
We got it down we’re feeling good
God bless those who bring on the party

They pick us up from devastation
Set the stage for celebration
Then we feel exhilaration
They’ve have filled our expectations
God bless those who bring on the party

54 thoughts on “Party Time

  1. You have a good collaborator there, Tim. Your duo needs a good name.

    We had rain here this morning and a day of passing storms. I enjoyed the views through your lens. Hope you get some more good viewing weather.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The Average White Boys doesn’t work anymore. Ivor and I discussed a name like JYP & AWB but that just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. Sonny and Cher, The Captain and Tennille, Bonnie and Clyde, etc. have nice rings to them. We need a catchy name. If you have any suggestions, I’m open. I’m sure JYP is, also. She’s clever, so she might come up with a good name.

      It’s supposed to be clear in the morning. I’ll see what I get.

      • I’ll suggest Silk & Steel for a name. You are the steel string guitar man and she is the wearer of silk with the silky voice.

      • A good name. I’ve played Silk and Steel strings in the past. That was a long time ago.

      • I mean, I’m not offended about being tagged an Average White Boy (I’m not one to get offended by someone misgendering me or botching my pronouns or whatever) but I can see where this would be false advertising. Someone starts listening expecting to hear some good manly music from The Average White Boys and then they get a Disney Princess. So yeah, a new name that isn’t a string of initials is probably in order. I’ll think about it.

      • I know that girls are boys and boys a re girls these days, but the AWB just isn’t fitting. You are much too smart and refined for that bunch.

        Something along the line of “Virtual Unkown” might work. Our collaborations are virtual, but we are unknown.

  2. 🎉They pick us up from devastation
    Set the stage for celebration
    Then we feel exhilaration
    They’ve have filled our expectations
    God bless those who bring on the party🎉

    Ay yay

    • That certainly is collaboration. With a great outcome. I look forward to more of your ramblings.

  3. Great production! Great team! I thought the name Jyp & Tim might roll off the tongue, but maybe, The Drunken Enablers. I was in a band once–The Square Waves–they let me join if I promised not to make any noise. Worked out well.

    • Thanks, Roy. “The Square Waves” is a great name for a band. You could do a solo gig as No Noise Roy. I have three other virtual bands: The Angry Beavers, Violent Phlegm (that I have a lot of this time of year), and Coughing Cooties (the result of violent phlegm). Those names role off the tongue nicely, but they are not appropriate for the JYP/AWB duo.

  4. Thanks for the post. I can’t find the big dipper here. Weird. I have Orion, but for the rest… ZIp.
    (Do you dabble in French too? Saw a comment at Dale’s)

    • Very little French. My wife and daughter are multi-lingual so I get to dabble in various languages. The Big Dipper is a little to the right in the center of the photo at 2:00 to the tree. Thanks, Equinoxio.

  5. Wow another great collaboration. That was fun, a very catchy song, great job you two. I loved all the party scenes. Bring on the party – I can’t remember the last time I went to a party, Jiminy crickets I can’t believe it. Oh my gosh I am getting old. Don’t know if I could do some of those dance moves right now, I would have to stretch out first before, great fun Tim. Thanks to you both!

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