Saturn & Mars Conjunction

Yesterday morning, April 4, was the first conjunction between Saturn and Mars. It was a cosmic party with a musical collaboration between JYP and I. JYP posted her inspiration for the song this morning. It is worth reading at God Bless Those Who Bring On The Party.

This morning, we had a clear sky which gave me a great view of the conjunction between Saturn and Mars. They were side by side yesterday. This morning Saturn was above Mars. Below is the same photo as above with the names of the planets and two stars.

Here’s the Bazooka’s view of the conjunction. You can see Saturn’s rings fairly well.

The sliver moon on the evenings of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

48 thoughts on “Saturn & Mars Conjunction

  1. Nice! Thanks for the show. I don’t know what the bazooka is, but, Saturns rings is a great capture. I’m kind of a photo hobbyist–can you share the EXIF?

    • Thanks, Roy. You can see the Bazooka at Herman gave it its name. The Exif is as fallows:

      fl 4.0 1/1000
      669 x 1004 (cropped)
      21.85 MB -.
      Untagged RGB

      ~ Camera Data (Exif)
      Exposure Mode: Manual
      Sensitivity Type: Recommended exposure index (REI)
      Recommended Exposure: 6400
      Focal Length: 400.0 mm
      Lens: EF400mm f/4 DO IS USM
      Max Aperture Value: f/4.0
      Date Time Original: Today, 4:38:08 AM

  2. Wow, you got the conjunction nicely on the first picture. Thanks for giving us a glimps of the rings of saturn. Never expected that this was possible with a 400mm lens.

  3. Great shots, Tim!
    That bazooka shot of Saturn is fab.
    Thank you for all the nature.
    – Resa, from the grey city of no stars.

      • Ha ha! I wish. I can pick out Venus, Jupiter and the moon no problem. If Mars is close enough to show off it’s red that’s a no brainer, also. Saturn and Mercury are iffy and I never get to see Uranus. Which is probably fine with you.

  4. Wow, this is crazy unbelievable Tim, I appreciate that you included that chart with the names. That was incredible actually shooting the rings around Saturn. Also Venus looks so big! Beautiful shots! That gigantic lens you have is so worth it for all of us that get to see your crazy beautiful photography. Big hugs and thank you Tim.

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