44 thoughts on “7-Strings Sunrise & Sunset

  1. That there is a beautiful guitar… I won’t lie… I lasted about 6 and a half minutes… I don’t know no ABC lingo of music so…
    Sunrise and Sunset is just so darn spectacular in your neck!

    • Thanks, Dale. I’m impressed you made it that far. When AWB gets into chords he actually makes sense. He didn’t play them very well. But you know with a that necrophilia in his fingers and all, you can’t expect a whole lot. I added the sunrise and sunset as consolation prizes.

  2. I have no clue neither, am always on the search for the 4th chord, happy I can strum some catchy campfire tunes. But this guitar and the microtonal music reminds us on King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, no?

    • You can just say “Oh F it!” and you found a 4th chord. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are great! Thanks for the link, Orca.

  3. Finally we get to meet the AWB in real life. I was looking forward to get more information about this obscure band. I made it through the complete video and enjoyed the info about the new guitar. Looking forward to new Tim Talk shows on YouTube! Bloody awful good and interesting information!

    • Thanks, Herman. Happy you made it through the whole vid. We will have to see what else the Frumpy Man has up his sleeve.

  4. I can most definitely say that Billy Bob Jimmy John …George is over his head with that mean piece of instrument!!!! Bon appetit to both… wait is it three? Bon appetit to all necrophiliacs and all their great features! I will not comment on the host’s shirt! 😂🤣😂🤣

      • I had to give you a good consolation prize for sufferin’ through that BA interview.

    • The Fumpy Man takes pride in being a faux muscleman. Ye old Billy Bob was strugglin’ with that fine piece of instrumentation for sure. My favorite song about necrophilia is “Cold Ethyl” on Alice Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare”.

    • I was just reading that the Pfizer jab might have long lasting neurological effects on people. Billy Bob got the Pfizer Jab. I think he’s exhibiting the some of the neurological side effects of the jab.

    • Now that is perfect for pulling weeds to. I might have to call it Tim TALK – Bloody Awful Interviews that are prefect for pulling weeds to.

  5. I have finished the video. It was interesting. I had not heard of fanned frets before. I am glad that is easier on your hands. I do something similar by using alternate tunings, including AADEAD, where the 6th string is a full octave below the 5th A.

  6. That is one beautiful guitar, Tim.
    I listened to the entire YouTube video, and must say, that average white boy is a little slow—except when he’s playing the guitar.

  7. If you interview another AWB member, you might want to try the Universal Translator. But, then again, it didn’t work with Bob Dylan either. 🙄😏😏🙄

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