33 thoughts on “Morning Glories

  1. They are beautiful flowers. In the Midwest they are considered noxious weeds when they grow in the corn and bean fields. An thick accumulation of vines will hopelessly clog a combine.

    • They are the same out here. They totally cover plants and smother them If I don’t pull them back. These are planted in pots on the deck and are growing up the wire that encloses the deck. They are not a problem like the wild ones.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your morning glories! They are such a pretty sight.
    I had 5 blooms this summer. A bunny ate mine several times. So I was happy to get 5 blooms.
    Beautiful pictures!

    • Thanks, Nancy. Our bunnies are pretty lame. They could eat all the wild morning glories they wanted to and I wouldn’t mind.

  3. I love these colors! They remind me that I just purchased some “pea flower” powder, it’s the coolest thing to add to food, tea, or cocktails, it’s like a natural purple food coloring, so fun to play with! ๐Ÿ’œ

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