Critter Daze and a Few Flowers

Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa wearily watching a flock of crows fly overhead.

Larry Lizard “posting”.

Drumstick Allium. There are a pair of Wood Ducks hanging out in Gabriela’s Cottonwood.

Lady Banks.

I can’t resist dandelions. The bats were being batty again.

46 thoughts on “Critter Daze and a Few Flowers

    • Thanks, Srikanth. The bats look cool. The photos are underexposed because its pretty dark out, but you get a good sense of what they look like in flight.

  1. Funny tidbit – I’ve never been able to actually photograph a wood duck in a tree. Often wondered if that trait of theirs is just a ruse.. then you go and prove it ha!

      • Corbett bagging is like 2400 thou feet BUT as anyone here in Scotland ses, it is not the height, it’s the weather once you get beyond 1500 feet. It can be unbelievable. Doesn’t matter the time of year either. The Mr, myself, older girl and her hubby were but four folks amongst several forced off the Nevis Range one bright sunshine day in June a few years back after jackets turned to ice and visibility was zilch. Also here we have mountains that are less that 2000 feet but honest you’d find tackling twice the height much easier, given the sheerness of the slope.

      • 2000 feet is a long climb and the steepness can be make it very difficult. Sudden storms can strand people in the mountains here, also. It can go from warm to freezing cold very fast.

      • Well, that is the huge prob here and Friday was a case in point. It was gorgeous sunshine and I looked back to take some more pics and you know I thought of you at this stage cos I thought you would get such a great photo of whatever that was sweeping up the glen…. Whatever it was I also thought it is going over to these other hills. LOL. We were like 50 feet short of the summit at that point so we decided to keep going. Anyway you never saw such a fast descent in your life. The worry was that we were parked at the very end of the c road and down a rough track which we would have had no hope of getting the car out of if the snow was on lower ground. No phone signal, You name it. Truly the middle of nowhere with us the only ones there. We were pretty certain that once we got down to the bealach all would be well and it was, the sun was shining there but we didn’t want to push our luck.

      • I’ve been in the same scene, and did get stuck in the snow. We had to find dirt to spread on the road for traction. We finally made it, but we though we might have to spend the night in the car in the middle of nowhere.

  2. What a way to welcome May! I love each and every one of your captures. Everyone looks so happy (even if Major Tom Peepers and Mona Lisa are a bit weary).
    Happy Saturday, my friend!

    • Thanks, Marina. We had an April shower on the penultimate day of April and a few May flowers shot right up. Yesterday when I went to check on the owlet as I walked out the gate a woman was walker he Chihuahua and she walked down to the owlets with me. She had not seen owlets, she’d only heard about them, but she had seen the big owls. When we got to the owlets we could not see them. I called to them and Mona Lisa popped her head up and looked at us. Then Major Tom Peepers looked over the edge. The woman was duly impressed. Sleepy mush have been napping.

  3. Beautiful photos. Wood ducks in my tree! I am so happy Timothy. They are beautiful. Thank you for taking the pictures. The kitties are still in bed but they are sending you purrs and hugs.

    • Hi Gabriela. Was Maya and Mr. Churchill up all night doing cat-like stuff and had to sleep in? Give the sleepy heads hugs and kisses for me. Wood ducks are in your tree. They might have a nest in it, but I can’t say for sure. They are a lovely couple.

      • They were up chasing each other the entire night. They get the kisses if they behave 😊
        I love those πŸ¦†. They are superb. A couple? That will be beautiful. Please let me know if you find out.
        Have a great weekend everyone 🌸

  4. I enjoyed the set of photos, Tim. The wood ducks in the tree were a special treat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in the wild, let alone in a tree.

    • It just doesn’t seem right to see them in trees. It’s truly like a duck out of water. Thanks, Lavinia.

  5. Oh, the plants are exquisite, and ducks in the trees always tickles me. Have you ever seen fluffy baby ducks leaping out of trees? What a way to begin maturity. πŸ™‚

    • I have not seen the fluffy baby leap, but I would like to. I saw fuzzy goslings this morning.

  6. This is a wonderful collection of photos, Tim. You caught so many expressions on their faces — not the easiest thing to do wit birds. I admit that I look forward to seeing the owlets. Adding “Peepers” to Major Tom is perfect. Hugs on the wing.

    • Thanks, Teagan. The ducks are expressive. The owlets should be showing more of themselves. We saw Fuzzette this morning.

  7. Wow Tim…all your pics are just so beautiful. It was so difficult to pick a favourite…but I do have one….
    The birdie… on the tree with the beautiful blue sky in the background… colorful….red and green and everything….

  8. Considering the fabulous quality of your shots, the bats must be very difficult to capture.
    Great stuff!
    Aww, here come a machine! Gonna go go look wth this loud metal thing is!

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