61 thoughts on “20K

  1. Still think it’s a very beautiful car. It looks so shiny that I think you just bought a new one…

    • Thanks, Herman. It’s shiny after I was it, but it takes only a few minutes to get covered with dust out here.

    • Hi Marina. The dark red is little better than black, but not a lot better. Laurie’s Speed3 is more of an orange red, and it handles dust much better than the dark red on the MX-5.

    • Hi Flo. My car is great. It’s really fun to drive. And the kitties do like to get paw prints all over it, which helps in run better.

      • I’m sure it helps a lot, yes! Paw prints are some of the best energy there is! With cat paw prints on your car, you have a tiger in your engine!

      • Do you remember the “Put a Tiger in your tank” advertisements? They were really popular hear years and years ago.

      • Yes! That’s what I was referring to! 🙂 It was a gas brand, if I remember well, or an oil brand.

      • It was Exxon Mobile in the USA, and I believe Esso in Europe.

    • Hi Holly. Kitties always out do cars, but it’s still a cool car. Speaking of cool, have you been riding your Harley?

      • I rode the Harley last weekend Timothy, I came up to Daytona with some friends and we rode through Tomoka Reserve. I posted some pics on Instagram. That Mazda is very cool. I have a friend with a black one. Not sure if it’s the same year.

      • That sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t have instagram. I tried to look a Dale’s photo on instagram and it wanted me to login. My Mazda is a 2017.

      • They are almost as fun as a motorcycle. But only almost as fun. I love riding motorcycles, although it’s been a long time since I have rode.

      • There’s a wonderful feeling of freedom out there. It’s a dangerous pastime though and I don’t recommend it, I’m just totally hooked on biking.

      • It’s especially drangerous today with all the distracted drivers. I quit riding bicycles because too many friends had been killed on their bikes.

      • So right. Drivers don’t respect motorcycles. I’ve lost 2 friends and seen some very bad injuries, generally at intersections. So though we are super careful too often it’s not in our control. My father in law has 5 Motoguzzi’s and renovated a ‘49 Indian for me, it’s beautiful. Pic on Instagram. Wish you could see it.

      • Ok the Indian got me. I signed up for Instgram and just requested to follow Rene Hunter with a bird avatar. Is that you? There was another Rene Hunter who is vuluptuous and quite naked in her photos. I didn’t see any motorcycles. Another Ren Hunter is wearing a lot of sexy swimwear. She doesn’t have red hair, and again no motorcycles. I looked at Holly Hunter and House of Heart and so far lots of scantily clad women, which is ok, but I want to see motorcycles. You may need to send me a link if my request to follow wasn’t you.

      • Sorry you’ve been on a wild goose chase. My account is
        hollyrenehunter5. I put the Indian first at the top so you won’t have to search.

      • Got it. The Indian is super cool. I’m jelous. I liked all the photos with your cat and you.

      • Smiles! I know, that bike is gorgeous, it was a pile of rust when he bought it. I’m glad you liked me and Bagheera, he’s a rascal and a half. He’s so in love with himself. Did you see the pics of him trying to get out the french doors, he knows how.

      • That bike is a wonderful gift. Yes I saw Bagheera at the French door. He looks like he’s a rascally one. I’m sure he is lots of fun.

    • Not necessarily caffeine. Who knows what he found in that cup. Thanks, Mary Jo.

    • Thanks, Julie. It’s a really fun car. What can I say. The kitties are ornery, but so lovable.

  2. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦

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