67 thoughts on “A little Color

  1. Those are gorgeous skyscapes, Tim! An I love the spring flowers, too. Your crabapple is pink. The two crabapples here are white with a hint of pink on one of them. They should open within the week.

    • Hi Lavinia. We had crab apples that had white blossoms in the past. The came as a set with the apple trees as pollinators.

    • Hi Harry. We have several fancy daffodils that look all look different. These are really tiny.

    • Thanks, Linda. They don’t have much smell. It’s so dry here that flowers and blossoms have very light scents and you have to put your nose into them to smell them.

    • Hi Mary Jo. That’s a cold feeling. We have partly cloudy skies. Not too cold, but no rain. We really need rain.

  2. These are all great pictures, Tim. The one with the clouds is interesting as it has that one streak through it. I love the daffodils, I haven’t ever seen white ones with yellow centres here in South AFrica.

    • Hi Robbie. The jet streaking through the clouds caught my attention. I don’t know where the special daffodils we have came from, but we have had several that are white with different colored centers over the years.

    • You are welcome, Tiffany. We get some great skies out here. I wish we would get some rain to compliment them.

  3. Those skies you have down there are absolutely stunning, Timothy, and you do a great job of expressing their magnificence in your photos. Also enjoyed all the beauty of the flowers and light and springtime.

  4. Your photos of the flowers and plants are really beautiful, and beautifully contrasted! And your skies are still really stunning!

  5. The Marina’s pear and crab apple blossoms are sweet as honey. Love them!
    Someone really should have the crab apple tree.

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