Lovers in Lace

Mama Owl and Daddy Owl in a lacy cottonwood tree. January 3, 2021.

Lovers in Lace
Lyrics & Music by Timothy Price
Guitars, Bass, and Percussion: Timothy Price

Lovers in Lace is another new, original song that is very different from Memories that I posted yesterday. Imagine yourself in the low light of a smokey bar gazing into your lover’s eyes with Lovers in Lace playing in the background.

Jupiter peeping through a tree. Saturn is barely peeking through where the lower branches meet the lacy edge of the Elm trees. January 3, 2021.


57 thoughts on “Lovers in Lace

    • Thanks, Gabriela. I’m happy you liked everything. You are most welcome, also. The owls were in a tree across from where they have been nesting for the past 4 years. I walked around to the other side of the tree. By the time I got there, mama owl had flown to edge of the hole where their nest is. I think more owlets are twinkling in the owls’ eyes.

  1. Love the lacy trees to go with your song. That guitar work definitely belongs in a smoky club…
    Was Spunk playing hide and go seek?

    • Spunkster is back to is normal, cantankerous self. However, he gets worried when we go outside. I think he’s afraid we are going to slip into a wormhole.

    • I hope it helps the owls get in the mood. We need another set of owlets to follow this year. Thanks, Tiffany.

  2. Great work with the song, Tim. And always good to see Spunk — or most of him anyhow. It looks like his sassiness is in great form after his happy return home. No doubt it took a while to get back to normal. Hugs.

    • It took him three days to get back in Spunk Form. But now that he’s gained some weight back he can throw is full weight behind his spunkiness. Thanks, Teagan.

  3. Lovely song, Tim! Perfect shots to go with it.
    I’ve often thought how bare trees look like lace.
    Spunkie-Poo’s ๐Ÿ’‹strawberry on his nose is very adorable. Where’s his lace?

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