Parallel Cataverse

Spunk still radiating a blue aura after slipping through a tear in the space-time continuum to get back home.

Spunk’s recollection of his disappearance is that he fell into one of the many wormholes on the property and slipped into a parallel cataverse, like so many other things that have mysteriously disappeared around here. He said he believes he was in the same location, but everything was different. A snow-covered, plowed field was where our house is now. There were other buildings by the cottonwoods, but the only structure he recognized was the “chicken shed”. He said some of the cottonwoods looked similar but smaller and there were trees he didn’t recognize. He said when he stood in the field where our house should have been, he could hear us calling him but he couldn’t find how to get back to us. The days turned into a week and then another week. He caught a few mice and stayed in the chicken shed for some protection from the cold nights. On Monday he said he heard a cacophony of voices, hundreds of voices calling his name “Come home Spunk! Come home Spunk!” He followed the voices and found a spot where he could slip through a tear in the space-time continuum and slipped out of the parallel cataverse he had been trapped in. After he stepped through the rip in space, he thought he might have come to yet a different parallel cataverse than the one he was looking for because the deck now had doors and it was wired in like the catio, keeping him from going up to the French doors on the sunroom. But then Laurie came out and collected him and he knew he had made it back to the proper cataverse.

I called to make an appointment with the vet to have Spunk checked out and they had an appointment available today. Since Spunk was sneezing and acting a little dumpy, I figured I should go ahead and take him in at the first available appointment. I drove home from work, collected Spunk, and surprisingly, he only meowed a lot on the way to the vet, instead of is usual “get me out of the crate!” maniacal behavior he goes into while driving to the vet. I dropped him off and went back to work. He got tested, examed by a young, pretty veterinarian, and he got attention from cute veterinary assistants, so on the way home he acted like his normal maniacal self in the crate meowing, clawing, and rolling around like an alligator trying to drown its prey. It was a long drive home with all the stupid drivers really annoying me given I had a wild cat trying his darndest to break out of the carrier so he could make me crash the car. We finally made it home where I had to bless him multiple times and give him a lot of extra attention for what he thought amounted to cat abuse for taking him back home after being in kitty heaven among all those beautiful women at the veterinary clinic.

All the tests came back normal. He has a slight kitty cold. The vet thinks it’s viral so we will just keep an eye on him. But he does not have a fatty liver or other maladies that can result from going weeks without food or water. The vet noted he had lost “a little weight” but was now about the weight he should be. All our fat cats noted that Spunk being a fat cat himself before he disappeared served him well during his time trapped in a parallel cataverse with little or no real food and water.

Spunk, Laurie and I thank all of you for sending out your hundreds of calls for Spunk to come home that led him to the tear in the space-time continuum that allowed him to slip back into the proper caterverse.

The way Spunk described the property while he was in the parallel caterverse. Our property circa 1958. The chicken shed, which is the only building left standing, is on the right. You might notice there are no towers on the Sandias. That’s an outhouse and goat shed on the left under Resa’s tree.

Silver making what he said is a wormhole between his paws and legs. Silver thinks Spunk is full of kitty malarky.

63 thoughts on “Parallel Cataverse

  1. What a great story to explain Spunk’s temporary disappearance! I’m glad the vet concluded all he has is a cold. The picture circa 1958 is both beautiful and fascinating.
    I’m glad Spunk is home!!!

    • Thanks, Susan. The photo is from an old slide I found among old slides. There is a slide of a baby that looks like Tristan, but it’s me. If it wasn’t for the way a small section of the wall is in the photo that dates the slide, one would not be able to tell the slide was taken in 1958.

      • Slides, those were the days when you load up Kodak Carousel slide projector and do a presentation on your vacation and life in general. My dad a Carousel on his want list, but he was happy with the slide projector he had.

        Then, where you live is the Price family homestead, from one generation to the next?

      • Hi David. We had four generations living on the property in the late 80s and early 90s. My parents go the property the year I was born, about when the photo was taken. My grandfather remodeled the goat shed into a house where he and my grandma lived until he died in 1964. They I lived in that house with my grandma many years growing up because she didn’t like being alone. I don’t have a carousel projector, but I have on that takes straight magazines filled with 50 slides each and I have a projector that shows on slide at a time.

      • That’s great you all got to live together. You don’t see much of that in America. Of the handful of distant relatives that live in Japan, that is how they live. Kinda separate houses surrounding a central courtyard. At one time, I think they had five generations living together. Today, it may be only three generations. Before PowerPoint, the Carousel projector was how you did a presentation. You take slides of your charts, tables, etc. I resisted PowerPoint until around 2012-13. I found it to be a crap application, always breaking down at the wrong time. Ginny presented her Master’s thesis using PowerPoint. She said the key is to keep the presentation moving. It’s when you linger over a “slide” when PowerPoint begins to act up.

      • We did the Carousel projector and overhead projector for years before powerpoint and now keynote. I had discovered that if I photographed pagers of text and graphics with C41 print film and had it processed in E6 the slides came out shades of a light gray to white for text and graphics on a turquoise blue background. It was perfect for presentations here in NM. All presentations had to be finished 4 hours before we had to leave the office in order for me to photograph each page of the presentation, get the film to the lab and get the slides back before the presentation. Now days, we might be tweaking a presentation right up to when the presentation begins. Workflow has changed greatly over the past 30 years.

  2. Very interesting story of Spunk’s journey through the Wormhole. Fortunately, he has returned unscathed and healthy. Maybe a bit slimmer than his housemates now, but he will catch up.

    • Hi Lavinia. Silver is a silly kitty. As much as Spunk hates the ride between home and the vet and back, he loves all the attention he gets at the vet. He was so much perkier after going to the vet.

  3. Love the story, and hey, maybe have Spunk quote Mark Twain to Silver. β€œOf course truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” When Spunk is napping, you might also want to check his coat pockets. He may be holding out on a Map to use once he signs his contract for Time Bandits 2.0.

  4. “He got tested, examed by a young, pretty veterinarian, and he got attention from cute veterinary assistants, …”

    My Laurie said that blue aura will wear off. His quantum state is readjusting back to normal. She said since you guys live in NM, don’t be surprised if Spunk was beamed away by ETs in search of intelligent life. Spunk, of course, was giving his report on how he has fooled Tim and Laurie Price to wait on him every waking moment, even when Mrs. Price is teaching class.


    • He could have taken up with aliens out here. Anything is possible, and not a lot makes sense in NM. We have waited on Spunk since he was a kitten. He’s a high maintenance, demanding kitty. One reason the aliens would send him back if they had him.

      • Send Spunk back, LOL. πŸ™‚

        Caitie, she’s likely a high maintenance kitty too. When she’s in my office, it’s “stop what you are doing and pay attention to me. My vet says Caitie is training me in her ways.

  5. Marvelous explanation, and makes me wonder if this happens more often, like any time you are sitting around the house and you realize you haven’t seen the cats for awhile . . .

    • Cats have a lot of magical powers and if you live in an area with a lot of paranormal energy the cats can do all kinds of amazing things. Thanks, Leah.

  6. Well, Silver might be right about the malarky, but it’s really great malarky!
    Spunkie- Poo πŸ’‹ looks a bit exhausted, but content to be back at home.
    Honestly, I’m more exhausted than he is, and I’m in Canada. We have those time continuum tears up here, too! Jeep is happy, and drunk on radiator heat, as I type.
    Welcome home, Spunkie- Poo πŸ’‹!

  7. What a clever and amusing story Spunk has to tell of his experience! So glad that he only has a little kitty cold, and we could all lose a few pounds these days! πŸ˜ΈπŸ˜‰

    • Those few extra pounds kept Spunk going. I think he’s too thin at the moment. He’ll get back to his normal fat cat ways before too long. Thanks, Tiffany.

  8. I hope he will be more alert to any wormholes that could take him into a parallel cataverse in the future. Who knows maybe it was a whole lot of fun but got bored with not having some good food! . Glad he found a slant to squeak through and gets over that cold right away!

  9. Wonderful explanation of Spunk’s time away. I totally understand Spunk’s vet enjoyment. Most delightful reading all the comments, and last but not least, Silver’s calling BS is the icing on the cake of this post. Bravo, Timothy.

  10. I have to admit to feeling a little low-ebb lately, ailments and the lockdown and all that; drained, my enthusiasm diminished, Tim.
    But this bit of wit – brought me back into the land of laughter!
    Great, thanks.

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