That Yellow Glow

The burning bush. Tamarisk.

Cottonwoods’ glowing yellow in the twilight.

Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree watching the other cottonwoods go yellow.

Yellow cottonwoods on along the levee and trail that goes to Beaver Point.

Shey’s Tree is turning more slowly than the trees around it.

Yellow glow in panorama.

Cottonwoods along the irrigation ditch.

Susan’s Tree.

Resa’s Tree.

Tiffany’s Tree.

46 thoughts on “That Yellow Glow

  1. These are wonderful shots. And, Holly’s Tangle Heart Tree with it’s fractalled circular branched all coming back around to connect. Such a rockin’ feature of your land.

    • Thanks, Jordan. The Tangle Heart tree is magic like Holly. I like your description as a “fractalled circular branched all coming back around to connect.”

  2. All the cottonwoods are so beautiful now. It’s interesting that many of them have names. Thanks for sharing them with us, Tim.

    • Thanks, Juanita. Mia started s trend of bloggers claiming trees. So different bloggers have claimed trees.

  3. That’s breathtaking Tim, such gorgeous colors, fall has truly arrived, those trees are the colors of NM! The Tangle Heart stands like a guardian and perfect perch for Owls.

  4. Gorgeous shots, Tim! I love the perspective in each of them. My fav is the first one …. that yellow burning bush is incredible with all else around it brown. Nice!!

    • Hi Tiffany. You’re right. Resa’s Tree and the Tangle Heart Tree tend to get the most attention followed by Mia’s Tree.

  5. Beautiful and refreshing! We’ve been wanting to get outdoors so badly but we don’t drive. Can’t really complain though. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn didn’t shut down like Manhattan earlier in the pandemic. Some restaurants stayed open and we didn’t have long lines at the supermarket. We have been exploring the Brooklyn waterfront from our neighborhood going north to Sunset Park. That is a satisfying discovery because it’s industrial and we like that stuff but nature…we miss nature!

    • Thanks, Jebus & Andrea. That’s great you didn’t get as locked down. Our governer keeps trying to lock us down tight, but we’re the wild west out here, so there is lots of non-compliance with her rules.

  6. Gorgeous post, Tim!
    You get a Gold Ribbon for this.
    EGADS – my tree is still the most beautiful!
    Holly’s Tangle-Heart has its heart full watching over all of us other trees.
    Shey’s tree will be featured in the next tale of PBH. I’m not sure of the location, yet.
    Adore this post!

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