67 thoughts on “Super Sliver Moon

    • Thanks, Gabriela. Did you see the moon this morning? I couldn’t get Venus with the moon this morning with the telephoto lens. Venus was too high by the time the moon came over the mountains.

    • Thanks. Happy Birthday Sher. My mom’s birthday is today, the 15th. Mine is near the end of the month.

      • You’re welcome, Timothy. That’s one mode of photography that I haven’t been able to get anything except in blurry images. I see this majestic… take the shot in “focus.” Nope, is what I get. Bright fuzz. Thanks for sharing these. Gives me my fix for what haven’t yet been able to make.

      • You need manual settings to not get too much white or a blurry mess. The moon has to be exposed as daylight against a dark plane. It gets a little tricky, and definitely taxes auto-exposure.

  1. If you’re seeing a bright red in the evening sky, that will be Mars. It is making its closest approach which is making it brighter than usual.

  2. Ahhhh…. look at that moon!!!!!!! Sea men over here say: “lying moon = captain on his feet / moon up straight = captain sleeps” loosely translated! Means that when the moon is smiling, so to speak, bad weather is coming. At least to old sea men! 😉 Beautiful photos, my friend!

  3. This morning, Timothy, I tried to get a decent shot of a planet, I even tried the Kodak and Nikon, but no chance. Makes me so envious seeing these great shots. Hehe! Well done!

    • Mars is especially bright. I see Mars rising at bedtime and then it’s setting when I get up. Thanks, Teri.

  4. One of my favorite subjects! Beautiful photos, Tim. I checked the calendar, new moon (no moon) is tonight. We should start seeing the sliver moon again in the west after that.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. New moon this morning. There was no moon to be seen in the wee hours. Only Venus shining brightly in the eastern Sky.

  5. This moon series was a true joy, Timothy. I have been getting up in the dark morning going to the window as if fireworks were awaiting me, so spectacular the morning sky has been this week. That you photographed down near the Rio Grande, what I marveled over up here in Northern Calif., is very cool. This morning there was no moon, only Venus, being new. What a delight!

    • Thanks, Jet. Morning skies are magical. We can see stars pretty well at night, but we get a lot of light pollution from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. I couldn’t see the Neowise comet without binoculars because of the light pollution, but when I pointed my camera where I saw the comet through binoculars I was able to photograph it. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars have been really visible before bedtime, and Venus and the moon early in the morning. The moon was hiding out this morning. I see Mars in the east when I go to bed and then in the west when I leave for work.

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