Prepare to DIE!

Prepare to DIE Paw-Paw-Rot-Zo!

Spunk was not very happy with me putting a cute bow on him making him look adorable. Adorable is not a part of Spunk’s vocabulary as far as he’s concerned. Rough, Tough, and Handsome yes. Cute and Adorable NOoooo! Fortunately, I was able to use the Cat Herder’s secret weapon, catnip, to calm down the poor humiliated Spunk kitty. He forgave me, followed by sweet, or should I say “catly”, kitty dreams.

Yum yum yum. I’m seeing a little longer life in your future Paw-Paw-Rot-Zo.

39 thoughts on “Prepare to DIE!

  1. Lol!
    Hahaha! Don’t tell him I laughed. Pretty bow, though.
    Well, I think Spunkie-Poo 💋 has rubbed off on Jeep.
    She’s been knocking things off my desk all week.
    She just finished bunging a bunch of stuff to the floor, as I brought this post up.
    If she doesn’t behave, I’ll put a bow on her!

    • Hi Holly, Spunk would melt if you gave him soft belly rubs. He gets all sweet and googly-eyed around pretty women. One time when I took him to the vet, he melted in the arms of the cute vet assistant and would not let her put him down. He was pathetic. The man Spunk melting all over the pretty vet assistant.

  2. Just too cute, Tim. Your cats are something else and shame on you for putting a bow on a boy. NONE of mine would let me, believe me. I don’t know how you did that AND got a picture to prove it. LOL

    • Hi Tiffany. The Spunk artwork behind Spunk are coasters that Susan had made from photos of Spunk she did when Spunk was being sweet lying on her lap several years ago.

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