October Owls

Daddy Owl was in the bosque.

The owls were out hooting back and forth to each other at twilight.

He flew onto the trunk of a cottonwood before flying over to cottonwoods by the clearwater ditch

Mama Owl was on the tip-top of Mia’s Tree.

Getting a good hoot in. I pushed this photo 2 stops to get a little bit of detail.

Otherwise, Mama Owl was a silhouette.

Cranes and Canadian Geese flew by Mama Owl on their way to roost.

50 thoughts on “October Owls

    • It’s not very light. It’s 25 minutes after sundown when I took the first photo, and 35 minutes after sundown when I took the last photo in this series. I’m bringing up the exposure in Camera Raw to show detail. The owls are silhouettes in the photos before I lighten them. Thanks, Cindy.

    • The owls are all silhouettes before I process the photos and lighten them to get more detail. Thanks, Maj & Sher.

    • Hi Bruce. A lot of cranes and geese flew in after 6:00. I got a few echelons as they flew by, but it was really getting dark.

    • HI Teagan. Hoot puns are always welcome when it comes to owls. I really like your new avatar. It’s an excellent image with a nice sketchy look.

      • Oh thanks! When I was a little kid I always imagined that it would be wonderful to be a cartoon. LOL. So I’m channeling my inner comic book character. I cleaned up some of the random “black dots” in the PhotoShop “posterize” filter and made the lines thicker.

  1. Beautiful Tim! Amazing that she’s able to perch on the tiptop of the tree. They certainly do blend in with the trees. Do the same owls come back every year?

  2. Incredible to watch the owl pair, Timothy, in their morning activities. You got some good captures too, wonderful to see their features, as owls are not ever easy to photograph with the low light and their blending in or flying off. What a blissful moment to see great horned owls, sandhill cranes and the Canada geese all at once.

    • Thanks, Jet. Great Horned Owls really blend in with the cottonwoods. I haven’t been seeing them, but I could hear them hooting. It’s like they will let you see them when they feel like it.

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