43 thoughts on “Roadkill 7

    • Ah yes. Those noodles are precious. But it leaves one to ponder — Do gray cells Matter? Thanks, Mia.

      • Then there’s gray matter, which may or may not matter depending on if it’s matter or Matter. Do the subtleties of matter matter?

      • Well, I do suppose the matter at hand can be dissected, and the pathology of matter and Matter can be placed on slides, and then viewed under a microscope. To what power you ask? Your choice. We must preserve the integrity of the samples, that’s all that mattes.

      • For all that matters, does integrity really matter? Is a matter of fact really a fallacy to the fact the little seems to matter? Especially when it comes to matters of gray matter and matters of all things gray? Does it matter that there are so many gray areas concerning the question of life, the universe and everything? The number 42 is really quite magical and matters much more than most people suspect.

      • Hahahaha! You two are nuts.
        I wonder how often the answer 42 has been given since Asimov declared it to be the answer to everything…

    • Are the remains of Ramen really relevant in our reconsideration of matters of matter? Or are we simply begging the questions for answers that don’t really matter? It may be a matter of reasonable unreasonableness that brings an end to the matter in question for whatever that matters.

  1. Ha! Roadkill Ramen. I wonder if they put a 5th dimension #42 level of sodium larger than the container in it at the factory and it just croaked. SeVENrAMEN condolences.

    • That seems to be a whole other matter when it comes to 42 levels of sodium in the 5th Dimension going “Up Up and Away” to “Let the Sunshine In” after the age of “Aquarius” dawns. Thanks, Jordan.

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