A Little Hot Air

Normally we would have had a lot of hot air this past week with 500 balloons and an extra million people in town for Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. However, like everything else that draws more than 10 people, the AIBF was canceled this year. A few locals flew over our house this morning in honor of the event.






43 thoughts on “A Little Hot Air

  1. Beautiful photos of the colorful balloons floating in the clear blue sky lifted my spirits. It never gets old. Thank you for sharing Tim.

  2. Nice colors against a blue sky. I made a balloon flight once and it was great ! Every year we have a balloon event on the (biggest) marketplace (of Belgium) of Sint Niklaas. More than 100 balloon go up into the sky. Only this year the event was canceled because of corona.

    • Hi Amy Rose. There are nor regs against flying balloons that I know of other than balloons attract crowds.

  3. Amazing shots! That blue sky and the colorful balloons… are so lovely to see this morning.
    I am so happy that some locals got out and celebrated the event.
    Have a great day Tim!

  4. Gorgeous shots of beautiful balloons, Tim!
    I saw a TV spot on the non-festival this year, but that balloons, at least some of them were up in the air.
    Of course, from this blog, I knew something about the festival. I thought of you.

    • Hi Resa. As you know, hundreds of thousands of people all milling about together is not cool in the age of covid cooties.

  5. I was wondering if ABQ would have their balloon fest. The Labor Day balloon fest here in COS went off as planned, but, of course, it has become a much smaller event than in years past. This year, they had around 135 entrants, and they launched from 10 different locations while observing the physical distancing guideline. ABQ has the much larger festival with around 500+ entrants, and would have been a logistical nightmare while observing COVID safeguards.

    While the management team for the COS event is supposed to be the same for the ABQ festival, COS has become more of an afterthought. The city of COS didn’t realize what they were losing when they made certain political and budgetary decisions. The prior organizing team said it became impossible to work with COS (which isn’t a big revelation; they can be impossible quite often). Some that normally flew both COS and ABQ, now only fly ABQ while others have quit flying completely or opted to fly for paying customers only.

    • The AIBF is always packed with people and the balloons are packed close as well when inflating for mass ascensions. That’s the fun of the event. Thanks, David.

    • Ballooning is pretty safe. But if you are afriad of heights then it’s really scary. Thanks, Charlotte.

  6. Woo-hoo, so great to see these magnificent balloons, Timothy. I’m always dazzled by the hot air balloons and the colors and patterns, and your photos are excellent with the clarity and the blue background. I think the one with the bird is really cool.

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