38 thoughts on “Y Drindod

    • They are hoping I’ll open the window so they an come inside where it’s warm. They are pretty bold about comming inside when the window is open. Thanks, David.

  1. Hi Tim, the pigeons look like “The Watchers”. Very fun that you were able to catch them like this. Although, maybe they hangout like that all day, if so, then it would just be creepy! Perfect for Halloween.

      • The Scottish accent needs a bit of adjustment for me to get used to. I had a Scottish friend in Spain that I finally got to where I could understand him pretty well. Have you seen the movie Snatch where Brad Pitt plays a Gypsy? That’s the worst case of a bloody incomprehensible accent.

      • It is one of the hardest accents to do actually and that is down to local variations. Talking that, where I am the reckoning is no-one in Scotland speaks faster or ses more with less words and that apparently is down to the noise in the jute mills. Indeed our dialect is said by scientists to be more like a foreign language cos we also have this huge mix of Irish words from that time that mix with the Baltic trade from before that time words. This is before you add the Scots bit. which we also have We also speak English when we have to. It is common knowledge we are bilingual here where we live, prob triple lingual. as you can see….. it makes the three craws seem simple by comparison… https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/1814256

      • Funny Google sees Geez twa pehs, ain plen bridie an an ingin ain ana as regular English. We all should understand it, right?

      • och thon’s afore ye get tae… ‘eh hae eh steh in meh eh.’ Which translates as .. I have a sty in my eye. Do you see the use of the word ‘eh’ as ‘I’ and ‘a’ AND ‘eye’? Now that is but one word we use here that way which makes us very diff form many other places. Now for the other bit? The ‘Geez twa pehs, ain plen bridie an an ingin ain ana’ in English is, ‘Please can I have two pies, and two bridies one plain, one with onion in it’. Simples actually. ( You should forget the Welsh and become a Dundonian. xxxx)

      • With ‘A’ and ‘eh’ I and eye don’t sound the same. I assume? I think Dundonian would do me in. Welsh is doing a good job of doing me in.

  2. Fascinating architecture and fascinating name! The birds are doing Their part to add to the rather mysterious look of this scene. That’s quite a view and excellent photograph Tim.

  3. I see, from comments, your Welsh is coming along.
    I didn’t see Y Drindod in lettering or some configuration of trash or stuff in a window, so I figured someone would ask what the?
    The 3 pigeons are quite divine, so I think the Welsh works very well.
    I’m surprised to see that Welsh is not a dead language…like Latin.
    I did study Latin, awhile back. Trinitatis = Y Drindod.
    More fun, useful info.

    • Laurie is studying Latin for her research on the Bayeux Tapestry. Charlemagne killed Latin when he tried to standardize Latin in the 9th Century. That’s when people discovered they no longer spoke Latin, but rather Italian, Spanish, French, etc.

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