Outside The House In The Rising Sun

Silver is catching a sunbeam as it spills over the irrigation border.

I opened the kitty door a little before sunrise. I tied up the trash and walked outside to find the sun peeking over the Sandias. All the kitties, except for Lola†, were lounging outside the house in the rising sun.

Marble sitting in the sun on top of my dirty car taking a break from grooming just long enough for me to get a photo of her.
Sasha sitting under my dirty car catching the long rays of the rising sun.
Loki lurking.
Spunk out of the sunbeams that were blocked by Resa’s Tree watching the other kitties catching the early morning rays.

†Lola was still in bed. She sleeps late and catches sunbeams streaming through the bedroom window in the mornings.

43 thoughts on “Outside The House In The Rising Sun

    • Yep. Lola’s not silly like the rest of us who are up and doing chores before sunrise. Chatching the morning rays are daily kitty chores. Ffeeding kitties, making coffee, getting the birds up, putting away dishes, giving kitties their meds, and so on is part of my chores. Thanks, David.

  1. Wow I love how you made it look like Wild Kingdom. Those dandelions are beautiful. I love the looks you captured on your cat’s faces. They are so sweet. Alex look her Kitty and moved out with her BF. She didn’t move all her stuff so that’s good! 🙂 I kinda miss having a cat with a dog. 🙂 I’ll enjoy yours for now as always! ❤

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’m happy you can enjoy our kitties. Those pesky dandelions look good backlight.

    • Hi Couriers. The car washes are closed and we get rain mixed with dust so cars get really dirty sitting or driven. Kitties know how to chill in the morning sun.

  2. Each and every one of your cats, Tim, boy do they have personality! Makes for one very purrfect way to live!! Loved every image, especially Marble and Sasha.

    • I never thought of dandelions as mice on sticks, but you never know what goes through a kitties mind. Thanks, Susan.

  3. What a wonderful start to my Wednesday morning! I just had to share. So many beautiful, smile-making kitty photos, Tim. My favorite is Loki Lurking. It captures such whimsy, and the lighting is lovely. Hugs on the wing.

      • WE could certainly have some great dirty car contests. They seem to get dirtier under car ports where the dust collects and then a bit of blowing rain muddies up the dust nicely.

    • I thought the tailpipes looked like an interesting headdress, metallic mouse ears are a good description. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Thanks, Holly. They do look sweet, and they are generally sweet, but they all can be very ornery in their own ways. That’s part of what makes them sweet, I suppose.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. I’m surprised the camera didn’t pick up the fairies dancing around with him.

  4. My husband worked away for a year. Came back to see that the kitties sits on the car roof, its their best vantage point. He tried shooting them away but they looked imperiously at him. I high fived them. 🤗

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